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If there’s one thing that god wants, it’s for us to post a shitload of tracks this day, a Friday, so you can fulfill your destiny of playing a good set at clubs if you are a dj or maybe you can use this music to impress some one of the opposite or same sex to sleep with you if you do not jockey discs. Either way, this is gonna help you step up your game. So why are you still on this page, you should be clicking after the jump to grab tunes! GO FUCKING GRAB SOME HOT FUCKING BASS MUSIC AFTER THE JUMP FUCKTARDS!

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Don’t know what the fuck that picture is supposed to be. Like is it the Moon hitting the Earth or is it like Uranus? Is that how it ends? We are hit by Uranus? Your anus? Fuck. Or maybe nothing will happen. Maybe you will still have to work at your dead end job for the next 20 years. Maybe there will be no end. You will still be single in 2012. Did you ever imagine that there would be an apocalypse and society would crumble and that you wouldn’t have to go to fucking work and maybe you would join some rebel group and be a hero/finally step up your game? It might never happen. You may not become some kind of post-apocalyptic fuckmaster/hero.

In the meantime why don’t we go out and grab some fucking bass music and remember the peeps we lost in 2011. LET’S GO FUCKING DO THIS SHIT AFTER THE JUMP!

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How many fucking ways can you say “real deal”? Two. The way we just did and also “Nazareth & Roulet”. This kuduro EP sounds like the future fucking the past in a rough yet thoughtful manner. Feel so stupid that we never knew about this. Other blogs knew. What do they have that we don’t? No matter. You can be fucking certain that The Dirty Disgusting Fucking Frenchman is gonna find ways to play this shit every fucking time he djs so know now that if you book him for a gig he’s gonna go hard in the fucking paint with this shit even if it doesn’t fit the format of your night. House music night? He’s gonna play these. Rap night? He’ll play these again. Classical music night? Who fucking has a classical music club night? There are probably some assholes, somewhere who do. Anyway, grab that business AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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