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Look at these fuckers rockin out with a motherfuckin Walmer sticker on their shit. Who the fuck is it you ask? Well it’s fucking 2Deep again! This time it’s at a party though so it looks more impressive. They were probably playing moombahton at this moment. Which is good because we are gonna do a motherfucking moombahton mega-post up in this bitch right now. It’s been a long ass time. We went all #seapunk and fucking had exclusives from people in Arizona all last week. Well now we just gonna bombard you with tunes until you cry. You can dance and cry. That will be how you have a case of the Mondays. Anyway, let’s get to the fucking music. GO GRAB THAT SHIT AFTER THE JUMP!

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Have we got an extra special treat for you today! Out now is the excellent as fuck EP of the Ackeejuice Rockers’ newest track Freeze. They are bringing the hard rave vibes to this release and have some big guns in for support: Neki Stranac, Boyfriend and Klipar. It doesn’t get much better than this you may think but is actually does. These clever Italian dudes have granted us an exclusive interview on this, the day of the release and have also given us a free track to give you guys! Crazy! HOW ABOUT WE GO READ THE INTERVIEW AND THEN GO BUY THIS INCREDIBLE EP AND ALSO GRAB THAT FREE TUNE AFTER THE JUMP!

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These people are fucking partying, who are they partying to? US FUCKERS! That’s who. We demolished 751 on Saturday like your dad demolished your mom and inpregnated her with you. That’s how we roll. At points bitches were dancing on tables and shit. Do we have photos of that? No. Are we lying then? You’ll never know. Whatever, we took a bunch of shitty pics. GO GRAB SOME FUCKING TUNES AFTER THE JUMP AND CHECK CRAPPY PICS OF THE BAD TASTE JAM! BIG UP STEVE ROCK OF THE GOOD KIDS FOR HAVING US!

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MOOMBAHRAPE   1 comment

With this new onslaught of moombah, there is no other option except to pick up the pieces, gather up your belongings and make a new fucking life for yourself on the other side of the world. The worst part is, that you could never escape the pain. Moombahton started being played in that new place that you moved to. Your friends would be like “Let’s fucking go out and get drunk and do blow and shit.” You went out and they started playing fucking moombahton at the club. Instead of doing the blow the right way you would breath it out because you were all scared and shit. Your friends got fucking pissed. They punched your face. You lost teeth. Your dental bills increased. You became homeless. That was your life. You got raped. WHY DON’T WE GO LISTEN TO A SHITLOAD OF MOOMBAHTON AFTER THE JUMP!

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Separated at birth? Haha! Anyway, we got some hot shit in store for you either today or tomorrow but in the meantime we got more music for your stupid asses. We always need to be shoveling out music like a bunch of labourers in a salt mine. GIVE US FUCKING HUMAN RIGHTS! Anyway. Let’s get the is music party started. Enough fucking chit chat. We honestly don’t give a fuck about your wife and kids and if you don’t have kids we don’t give a fuck about your sperm or uterus. This is not the Walmer Convenience Family Blog of Putting Up Pictures My Kids Drew On The Fridge or WCFBPMDOTF. GO GET SOME NEW SHIT AFTER THE JUMP CUNT BRAINS!

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Hey bros! Do you have any blow? It’s me again, John C Reilly. I’m just was looking to score blow but also just wanted to tell you about fucking moombahton music and how I listen to it on my free time. I know I look like Colonel Sanders. I’m playing fucking Colonel Sanders in the movie about his fucking life. Yeah, it’s big. But the thing is, I need blow to play him. I need blow and then I do it and I listen to moombahton and then I “become” Colonel Sanders. His mind was like blow and moombahton mixed. That’s how he came up with the secret recipe for fried chicken that everyone wanted to eat like assholes. I was hanging out with Emilio Estevez on the weekend and he had great blow. He always had great blow. We always have good times out on the town me and him. You guys should come too. You know what, I’m just gonna fucking call Emilio. Forget the blow. I’m just gonna get it from him. Here take this moombahton though. GO GRAB A SHITLOAD OF MOOMBAHTON TRACKS AFTER THE JUMP CUNTS!

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Chris Tucker woke up in his apartment in the not great part of town. It was 1pm. That’s the time he woke up everyday. He hadn’t worked for 2 years so he never had to get up early unless it was to get his welfare cheque. Chris Tucker collected welfare now. Even though he always got more than enough sleep because of the fact that nothing was going on in his life, he still enjoyed having a cup of coffee as a pick me up to start his day. It just made it feel complete. It made him feel complete if only for a few minutes. As the coffee brewed he looked at the fading picture of him and Jackie Chan that he had stuck on his old refrigerator.

Those had been better times. He remembered all the bitches he had fucked as a tag team with Jackie. They had done it to build up their partnership so that audiences would love their chemistry. He remembered all the blow that they had done together in the trailer off of breasts in between takes. Jackie liked to do lines of blow between girl’s assholes and pussies. He called it “Getting from Point A to Point P” except when he said it it was in Chinese and shit. Chris Tucker stood there for 10 more minutes looking at the picture,  revisiting all the highs and lows he had had in his former career as an actor. The coffee maker made a beep and brought Chris Tucker back to reality. He poured the warm liquid into his favourite mug and took a quick gulp. As the coffee hit his taste buds it was all wrong, it had a very sharp taste almost like vinegar but salty and it stung his tongue. He pulled the mug away from his face and looked inside and made a startling discovery. It was not coffee at all in his mug. It was pee. Chris Tucker had just drank pee. Floating in the pee were soundclouds. GO GRAB THOSE SOUNDCLOUDS AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP TO KNOW WHAT CHRIS TUCKER EXPERIENCED!:

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You all want to be cool. All of you fuckers. Admit it. Even if you say you don’t care about being cool it’s just so that you can look cool. You can’t escape. So if that’s your fucking goal than why don’t we watch this video from Malcolm Jamal Warner of TV’s the Cosby Show. You will definitely be fucking cool if you do these things. Especially if you are an adult.

Alright now we’re totally fucking ready to take on the world!

But now that you have this new swag, you need some good tunes to go with it. GO GRAB THOSE FUCKING TUNES AFTER THE JUMP FUCKERS!

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We had to fucking post this. It just makes fucking sense. Neki Stranac is part of Shazalakazoo. So is some other dude. We don’t know his name. But anyway we did this fucking terrible interview of Neki last week. Read it you want to understand this fucking dude. He’s better than we thought. We tried to ask the worst questions and he still gave awesome answers. You guys might think that all he is good for is an edit. No way. You’re fucking wrong. Go buy this fucking thing and then tell us that. Shazalakazoo just murder the genre of moombahton here. Real fucking balkan treats in spades. We have heard the tracks on this release and it is rock solid. Gotta give props to Generation Bass for putting this out. We need more Neki Stranacs and the other dude in this game. We can’t wait to have that fucker come over to Toronto so we can see him make music with his crazy magic flute. GO FIND THE LINK TO BUY AND ALSO STREAM THE RELEASE AND GET A FREE TRACK FROM THIS SHIT AFTER THE JUMP!

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BAM! Walmer is inside you now fuckers! How you like that? No vaseline. Ever. That’s the way we blog shit. Inside you. “This is Walmer reporting live from your vagina. The forecast is for wet weather.” Alright. Thanks. we’ll just keep on doing a bang up job. No fucking music commentary here. No “blah blah, really has been making a mark on the scene lately, blah blah”. No. We don’t do that. That is boring as fuck. Not to say that there are many blogs that are good that do that. But a lot are shit. We shit on them. Shit on shit. Just get fucking annoyed at the complete fucking lack of originality. “Here’s my blog! I have some cool looking pictures and gifs and then I say that this person is really making a mark or is up and coming”. Lick our blog balls. Whatever. GRAB A SHITLOAD OF TUNES AFTER THE JUMP!

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