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Two Fresh ft. Lady Chann – Translantic Skanking (Sampology Remix) (zshare)

You like to drink all the time but you need a reason. Drinking at home isn’t fun. You tried it for a while. It always finished with tears. Monday is the hardest day of all. You start working and are reminded of how dead end your life is. You need to let go. You need to dance. Come over to Andy Poolhall and wile out with us to tunes like this. You can drink there and look normal.

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Here’s where it goes down.


Busy Signal – Gal Dem Song (zshare)

Caribana is still coming and you are still gonna have to brush up on your daggerin’. Maybe you should take lessons. They probably offer them somewhere. Here’s a recent one from Busy Signal who only knows how to tear it up. That’s his job. And making music. He does that too. Sorry we missed posting yesterday. We said we would post everyday but we are liars. But that’s because we are busy. You can hear Walmer in real life. You can go to this:

or you can go to this:

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Jammer ft. Skepta, JME, Frisco & Camalot – 10 Man Roll (zshare)

Once again another week is over and you are relieved. Yes relieved. Why? Because tomorrow is a fuckin’ Monday. Or should we say Mmmonday? Either way it means good ass times at the ol’ Andy Poolhall. If you don’t know what the fuck global gutter is yet then you need to go there and learn and drink and dance. Learning by doing. Check that shit out on facebook. Lower your job performance Toronto. Together.

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Cool video from the Vybz Kartel!!!

Let that remind you that you should be at this!!! The Dirty Frenchman and Plan B really know how to make the party get loose!!!

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Diplo and Borgore – Sunsets (Original Mix) (Zshare)

You know, Dilpo’s always trumpeted the Walmer cause, it’s probably what he’s doing in the above image.  So it’s only right that we return the favor as often as we can. This track is by Diplo and a guy named Borgore. If you don’t know Borgore, this is how we were introduced to him. Not exactly the kind of music we can play on any given night but still hot shit for when you’re ready to do murder high on speedballs and/or methamphetamine and/or plain ol’ crack. That’s supposition, we’ve never done murder. Anyway, here’s a song by Borgore that’s tempered with some Diplo listenability…not to say that it wasn’t listenable when it was just Borgore (more conjecture) but it’s Diplo and we all know what he does…well.

Please remember to come out to mmmonday tonight at Andy Poolhall on College St., it’s been off the fuckin meatrack lately.

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Where it a happen.

Lil’ Jon x Dj Sega – Be MACHUKA DIRTY extended (zshare)

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Danny Marin – I Eat The Pussy (Zshare)

We like to say that this song is vintage Plan B. A classic if you will. No he didn’t make it but if it were a traditional record and not an mp3 played through Torq it would be mashed by now. It would hiss and crackle like old-timey vinyl. But luckily it’s not and he takes full advantage of that by playing it lots. He likes the vulgar stuff if you haven’t already figured that out. Plus, the song knocks so why hate on him for it? Oh, and for the record, this song gets played at mmmonday…and if you don’t know, mmmonday’s poppin as fuck, you should start going every week.

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Emmanuelle – What a Booty (zshare)

Why is this song up here? It changes speed in the middle so good luck mixing it properly and it really doesn’t have a normal structure. It’s kind of weird. For the last few months The Dirty Frenchman has listened to it every time he’s rocked his iPod. For some reason he can’t get enough of it. It’s like a symphony about booty. Just like the G20 in Toronto this weekend was a symphony of violence and ridiculousness. There were sooo many cops. There must have been so many cop orgies breaking out. Cop fuck fest. This will be an awesomefest:

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Perfect Loosers ft Karo MC – Bandits (Sabbo Remix) (zshare)

Hey assholes! Why is there so much suffering in this world? Because people’s hearts are not filled with Walmer. The more Walmer available, the more peace, prosperity and understanding. It’s math. Look it up. We just spent the fucking weekend flyering like assholes not only to promote our events, but to make the world a better place. We are doing the lord’s work.

But who is this Sabbo character? He is an Israeli or rather an Israelite. Do not be shocked. Plan B is rather jewish himself and has no problem rocking a crowd. Who are Perfect Loosers? They are frenchmen who dare to dabble in bass and kuduro and whatever else rocks. This collab is kinda like Walmer.

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