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These people are fucking partying, who are they partying to? US FUCKERS! That’s who. We demolished 751 on Saturday like your dad demolished your mom and inpregnated her with you. That’s how we roll. At points bitches were dancing on tables and shit. Do we have photos of that? No. Are we lying then? You’ll never know. Whatever, we took a bunch of shitty pics. GO GRAB SOME FUCKING TUNES AFTER THE JUMP AND CHECK CRAPPY PICS OF THE BAD TASTE JAM! BIG UP STEVE ROCK OF THE GOOD KIDS FOR HAVING US!

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NEW YEAR/NEW BASS   Leave a comment

Don’t know what the fuck that picture is supposed to be. Like is it the Moon hitting the Earth or is it like Uranus? Is that how it ends? We are hit by Uranus? Your anus? Fuck. Or maybe nothing will happen. Maybe you will still have to work at your dead end job for the next 20 years. Maybe there will be no end. You will still be single in 2012. Did you ever imagine that there would be an apocalypse and society would crumble and that you wouldn’t have to go to fucking work and maybe you would join some rebel group and be a hero/finally step up your game? It might never happen. You may not become some kind of post-apocalyptic fuckmaster/hero.

In the meantime why don’t we go out and grab some fucking bass music and remember the peeps we lost in 2011. LET’S GO FUCKING DO THIS SHIT AFTER THE JUMP!

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WE’RE BACK ASSHOLES!   1 comment

What do you think this is? We just wanted to take a rest and smoke some weed for the long weekend in Canada where we celebrate Queen Victoria who is dead. The world is so needy. Don’t you fucking get it? The soundclouds are gonna always be in the sky. There is no hurry. But apparently we need to pretend that something is always going the fuck down on this fucker. So here we are, posting like clowns. Should we just shut down this blog and write instead a blog for children about how it’s their birthday and we will give them a ballon shaped like a dog? Should we make a blog about how we’ve “got your nose” or how we looked in your ear and all of a sudden there is a quarter in there? No. That’s a terrible idea. That was so stupid. Just shut up and listen to these tunes AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hey bros! What a gwaan? How’s your mom doing? Is she good? We tried to call her but she wouldn’t pick up. We left a message. Is she still upset about the thing? We just weren’t ready for the commitment she wanted. We still have so many things that we feel we need to accomplish before we settle down.  And, well, let’s admit it, we just aren’t ready to be a dad to you. It’s too much pressure. Sorry. MUSIC AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Makongo – Makongo (zshare)

It’s Friday and your mom suggested you listen to more kuduro, southern style hip hop and dubstep. Well, just between us and you, there is a way you can get all three into your ears just in time to make your mom happy for Father’s Day. Presenting: Makongo. They mix up a bunch of shit like Buraka Som Sistema (one of the chicks is actualy ex-Buraka) but use kuduro as a base. They have an album out now called Angolan Kung Fu. Plan B is known to have described this song as a cross between The Dream and kuduro.  It’s a good track to play in a set you want to be varied because it vacillates between the speed of kuduro and dubstep/southern hip hop. Plus the The Dream-like singing and the horns give it this epic feel like you’re on a mothafuckin boat! This more accessible kuduro is probably explained by the fact that these cats operate out of Lisbon now. This is kuduro that a dj can actually mix properly (it obeys conventional song structure!). Sometimes even Buraka can do zany shit at weird times that just throw you off.  Here’s the video (yeah they look like they are part of the Dark Side):

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