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Douster ft Aidonia – Uucko Tight (zshare)

Do the math! It makes sense. This is like a first year Physics degree equation. Kids stuff. Everyone knows it. Hell, even that asshole The Dirty Frenchman included it on his dancehall minimix. He’s such a fuckin’ stupid jerk. Douster sems to able to do anything. Can he stop the oil spill? Can he help this guy out? Does he have answers? Does he need answers? No. This song is the only answer he needs. Do we post too much of his shit here? Maybe. Here, watch this Vybz Kartel daggerin’ falling accident  dick touching video while you think about your answer:

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Danny Marin – I Eat The Pussy (Zshare)

We like to say that this song is vintage Plan B. A classic if you will. No he didn’t make it but if it were a traditional record and not an mp3 played through Torq it would be mashed by now. It would hiss and crackle like old-timey vinyl. But luckily it’s not and he takes full advantage of that by playing it lots. He likes the vulgar stuff if you haven’t already figured that out. Plus, the song knocks so why hate on him for it? Oh, and for the record, this song gets played at mmmonday…and if you don’t know, mmmonday’s poppin as fuck, you should start going every week.

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T-t-take a look on facebook.

What venue is this?*

*feelin’ on your booty.

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Emmanuelle – What a Booty (zshare)

Why is this song up here? It changes speed in the middle so good luck mixing it properly and it really doesn’t have a normal structure. It’s kind of weird. For the last few months The Dirty Frenchman has listened to it every time he’s rocked his iPod. For some reason he can’t get enough of it. It’s like a symphony about booty. Just like the G20 in Toronto this weekend was a symphony of violence and ridiculousness. There were sooo many cops. There must have been so many cop orgies breaking out. Cop fuck fest. This will be an awesomefest:

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Watch this:


Los Rakas – Abrazame (Uproot Andy Mix) (Zshare)

It’s hard to believe but sometimes when The Dirty Frenchman and Plan B play it’s not all epic-ness and blowing people’s heads off with bass. Sometimes you have to just chill people the fuck out or else they end up dancing to their hands like Elaine from seinfeld on PCP and spraying beer all over the DJ booth. This song is one of those. Not that it’s not epic but It’s got the Hold Yuh riddim piano loop but also that Uproot Andy smoothness that serves to increase the earth’s gravity only to panties.. Whoa, that was fuckin dirty. Anyway, if you’ve heard any of this guy’s stuff you’d understand what we mean, it’s romancin music. But still hard shit. Fuck off and just listen…

Oh, and for your dose of gangsta shit, don’t forget to download this..


Punjabi MC ft. Mz Streamz – Beware of B-more (Aaron Lacrate and Debonair Samir remix) (Zshare)

It’s so easy to characterize bmore (more commonly known as the city of Baltimore) by its image on the big and small screen. Like us for instance, we pretty much think that bmore is The Wire. We know it’s not but goddam, wouldn’t it be dope if you lived there and Tommy Vercetti was your mayor and you had to spend your days duckin Avon’s crew? Anyway, this joint’s a shoutout to our brothers who actually do live in b-more, not that fake pussy Wire shit…I mean, come on, if Marlo had a come up against Walmer he woulda got bodied too, just like every other lame who’s felt froggish and/or leaped. Trill talk lor bai…

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Mustard Pimp – Scissors (zshare)

Mustard Pimp is pimpin’ your ears with this mothafucka. It’s like the epicness of old times mixed with the hardness of now. This is the song that you listen to while you are approaching the Lost Temple of Doing a Line of Blow off a Breast. Yeah, that’s a real place. Mustard Pimp will be at Wrongbar in Toronto (our city!) tomorrow so why don’t you go see him and get fucked up and then get fired from your work and become homeless. We just wrote your life story.

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