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Take some time to watch this:

Now imagine that going on all the time. While you eat, while you sleep, while you take a shit. It is never stopping. BP are assholes. Luckily, we can dance…

Solly – Cali Dreams (zshare)

Yeah. We’ve all heard like a thousand remixes of California Dreamin’ by The Mamas & the Papas. It is possible that there is one made everyday somewhere in the world. Theres is perhaps as many California Dreamin’ remixes as there is oil in the Gulf of Mexico. this Solly version is great though because it starts off with the classic part of the the song and then just chops it up like your mom chops up crack rock. It will be played tonight at this:

Have you noticed we like to promote this? Check it on facebook. Check the venue out here.

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It’s that day of the week again!!!

Walmer does it up proper-like at Andy Poolhall!!!

We play a little of everything to satisfy all of your musical cravings!!! Some dancehall, some hip hop, some baile funk, electro, dubstep, you name it they play it.

Yes, The Dirty Frenchman and Plan B are musical scholars so you don’t have to be!!! So please join us for another mmmonday of mmmadness and inexpensive drinks!!!

$4 shots!!! $6 mmmassive mmmmartinis!!!



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This is one of those songs that we love to play. It characterizes Walmer-Ness. It’s anthem-y and has lots of mentions of pussy. It used to be a hip hop song at one point and is now an electro joint that makes girls lose their shit. It also has an annoying drop really early in that goes off beat and can fuck up your mix if you’re not paying attention. And of course, that’s only something that you’ll know because it’s happened to you. Anyway, it’s hot and if you’re lucky you’ll hear it tomorrow night at Andy Poolhall where we blow your minds weekly with awesome weekend-extending music.

See you there..

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The Toxic Avenger – Toxic is Dead (Drop The Lime Remix)

This is a little piece of craziness. Who are we supposed to give praise to here? Is this a thumbs up Toxic Avenger? Is this a thumbs up Drop The Lime? Is it a thumps up team? Whatever. This is the kind of song that plays while a missile is hitting you in the face and a fire is blazing in your house and you are having sex on the wing of an airplane. Toxic Avenger is some kind of French asshole. Or is he a prophet? This is obviously going to be the new national anthem of Finland in 5 years.


We have done an exposé of Vybz Kartel before, a long time ago. Before many of you were born. But that is apparently not enough. With oil filling up the oceans and 2012, the end of the world, fast approaching it is important for us to ensure that his important work, nay his gift, be available to the aliens that come and uncover our underwater cities. We are ready to boast that none of you have heard these songs. They are from deep in the Walmer archives deep in the bowels of Walmer Castle:

Vybz Kartel – Fuck Fi Di Pum Pum (zshare)

Yes. Before he was the face of Clarks shoes, Vybz Kartel was just a simple man like many who put his pants on one leg after the other and wanted to fuck pum pum.

Vybz Kartel – Can Cook (zshare)

What is more natural than to take the tune from this song:

And make it about how you just want a woman who can cook. That is is important. Right guys! Broads need to know their place. Chauvinism. Moving on:

Vybz Kartel – Pussy Noo Big (zshare)

The other thing that is for sure and that girls need to be aware of is that their vagina is the right size and that song just nailed it on the head. It’s called being courteous. Oh yeah, and they should try to avoid having HIV. That has been known to be a deal-breaker.

Vybz Kartel – Mek Mi Cum Inna You (zshare)

More songs and just more wisdom. Just like the picture above shows, Vybz Kartel is for the children. If your pussy is clean, then there is no reason to use a condom in you ladies. These days that is something to think hard about as we face potential environmental disaster. Every resource is precious. Bring your own bag to the grocery store. Try to turn the air conditioning down.

Ok. That’s enough.

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J-WOW – Rebita (zshare)

Have you heard the J-WOW? Perhaps some of you are smart asses and think the J-WOW is this:

This is not the J-WOW. The J-WOW is a peice of this:

This song is not very new but The Dirty Frenchman loves it. So can you. What else does the J-WOW do? This:

That one was deep. This one is the anthem of intensity city or Intencity:

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Mr. T – Mr. T’s Commandments (Zshare)

First off, a big thanks to the Walmer faithful who showed up last night on a holiday , apparently that’s what Rusko would have done. This song wasn’t played last night but we’re not sure why. It’s a guide, if you will, when you just don’t know where to turn. A beacon of light through the fog. Even when Rusko’s wrong, Mr T’s Commandments will never fail you. Yeah, that kid’s really sitting there. Amen.

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