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Douster ft Aidonia – Uucko Tight (zshare)

Do the math! It makes sense. This is like a first year Physics degree equation. Kids stuff. Everyone knows it. Hell, even that asshole The Dirty Frenchman included it on his dancehall minimix. He’s such a fuckin’ stupid jerk. Douster sems to able to do anything. Can he stop the oil spill? Can he help this guy out? Does he have answers? Does he need answers? No. This song is the only answer he needs. Do we post too much of his shit here? Maybe. Here, watch this Vybz Kartel daggerin’ falling accident  dick touching video while you think about your answer:

DANNY MARIN – I EAT THE PUSSY   Leave a comment

Danny Marin – I Eat The Pussy (Zshare)

We like to say that this song is vintage Plan B. A classic if you will. No he didn’t make it but if it were a traditional record and not an mp3 played through Torq it would be mashed by now. It would hiss and crackle like old-timey vinyl. But luckily it’s not and he takes full advantage of that by playing it lots. He likes the vulgar stuff if you haven’t already figured that out. Plus, the song knocks so why hate on him for it? Oh, and for the record, this song gets played at mmmonday…and if you don’t know, mmmonday’s poppin as fuck, you should start going every week.

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