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Look at us! This song is so old! It proves we have musical knowledge!   Leave a comment

Helen – Zanzibar (remix) (zshare)

Obviously all of you know nothing about music and obviously you all need djs like us to teach you about music because you need to know about the “real” good music. Good music is obviously old music. It couldn’t be new music that has a different sound than stuff you have already heard a million times. No sir. Why would you want to be confronted with new things that challenge you and build off the past rather than remaining entrenched in it. This obviously is the opposite of what we think but there are many who feel otherwise. Anyway, this is an old song. This dates from 1984 and it’s chill. The thing about us is that we know about the history of music but our love of it makes us want to always find new sounds. If everyone was against new sounds then we would all be just banging sticks against rocks. If you want to hear new sounds come to this:

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