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Hey little baby, you gonna cry and write about your period in your diary? You gonna go in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you got a big dick or if you’re a girl that you have big fucking vagina? Is that something that girls care about? Who has the biggest vagina? Is that like some kind of secret sisterhood hierarchy? No? Have you guessed we’re all dudes by how misogynistic we are? Yes? What about applying your powers of deduction to deducing why these tracks are so hot. Which fucking tracks? THE ONES AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP FUCKERS!

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What the fuck do you know about B.A.R.S Murre other than nothing? Well he’s co-signed by French Montana so you know we’re gonna post it..





Mo’ shit after the flip bitches..

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DANNY MARIN – I EAT THE PUSSY   Leave a comment

Danny Marin – I Eat The Pussy (Zshare)

We like to say that this song is vintage Plan B. A classic if you will. No he didn’t make it but if it were a traditional record and not an mp3 played through Torq it would be mashed by now. It would hiss and crackle like old-timey vinyl. But luckily it’s not and he takes full advantage of that by playing it lots. He likes the vulgar stuff if you haven’t already figured that out. Plus, the song knocks so why hate on him for it? Oh, and for the record, this song gets played at mmmonday…and if you don’t know, mmmonday’s poppin as fuck, you should start going every week.

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