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It’s fucking morning in North America. What do you to get ready for the day? Drink coffee? Do a line of blow off a breast? Decisions, decisions. One thing that you could do is grab all this fucking bass music that Juke Ellington put out yesterday. That could be the first thing you do today. It could be the beginning of a change in your life. No more AIDS? No, you will still have AIDS. But you can have AIDS and great music. GO GRAB THAT SHIT AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hi there. I’m Buju fucking Banton and I’m going to fucking prison and it’s probably gonna be terrible. I’m so fucking pissed. I don’t know what to do. Here listen to some songs. They are AFTER THE JUMP (comprende?)

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Dillon Francis & Dj Ammo – Westside (zshare)

Do you enjoy having fun? Do you enjoy being happy? Well this is a song to party to. Don’t put on this song on if you are studying for a test or feel like diving into a book. You will do very poorly on that test. Unless it is a party test. In that case you would get very high marks. Top of the class. This might be a song you hear on a night you puke. You might hear it while you are doing a line of blow off a breast. Good times.

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Mustard Pimp – Scissors (zshare)

Mustard Pimp is pimpin’ your ears with this mothafucka. It’s like the epicness of old times mixed with the hardness of now. This is the song that you listen to while you are approaching the Lost Temple of Doing a Line of Blow off a Breast. Yeah, that’s a real place. Mustard Pimp will be at Wrongbar in Toronto (our city!) tomorrow so why don’t you go see him and get fucked up and then get fired from your work and become homeless. We just wrote your life story.

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Mark Ronson & The Business INTL – Bang Bang Bang (The Count and Sinden Tribal Horn Remix) (zshare)

This is the song you listen to when you are travelling to the future. Not when you are travelling to the past. Fuck the past. We spit on the past. We had been wondering what was going on with Sinden and the Count (Herve). Had they given up? It seemed like they were not giving us much to go on after those heady days of 2007-2008. Were they going to be the next Crookers who middlingly flail around lost in a post-fidget world not knowing who to be? No! They chose to take a Mark Ronson (he still does stuff apparently) song and fuck it’s face until it was a party destroyer (in a good way). So stop crying about how you wasted your life. Be somebody. Do a line of blow off a breast. Look at this mildly ok hipster rap video of the original:

We need to push through that law against chicks wearing annoying glasses soon. Make sure to make calls to your local elected representative.


Crookers ft Poirier and Face-T – Arena (zshare)

Hey guys! Do you like Major Lazer? Great! You’ll love this song then. Crookers did their best to make it so that if you heard it you’d be like “Hey guys this new Major Lazer song is soooo fresh!”. And then everyone would be like “You spend to much time with your cat. This is Crookers.  Go eat your own ass with cinnamon toast crunch on it.”

It makes sense though. Crookers are just trying to stay famous. They’re like electro Ke$has.

Their album Tons of Friends is like “Let’s take whoever has a moderate amount of buzz around them lately and grab onto their coattails and hang on for dear life”. So they team up with Ghislain Poirier for this song who is for now the more budget friendly Major Lazer (but is just as talented).  It’s difficult because the music is not a steaming pile of garbage. A few of the songs are actually quite awesome. It’s more the idea of it that sucks. For example, there is another song that is Crookers and Drop the Lime. We think it’s more Drop the Lime with Crookers’ name on the lable.

Fuck! Look at the cover art of the album. Even that is Major Lazeresque. Enjoy your first and last album Crookers.

We’ll still play this song because it’s good. If people ask us who it is we will say “Some assholes”. Do a line of blow off a breast in disgust to this song.


The Partysquad – Crazyfunkystyle (zshare)

If that type of shit is taking place over your house then you’re definitely gonna have a case of the Mondays. Don’t hit the snooze on your alarm or you might be late for work. And life. But seriously, these Partysquad guys seem to know what the deal is as far as making music you can have a machete fight to before doing a line of blow off a breast. Suffice it to say that the guys from the Netherlands are on to some serious shit. You can hear this song at this thing:

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