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Just in time for French Montana’s inaugural performance north of the border this Friday Nov 11, Plan B readies his new compilation of French tracks. Just the fuckin hard shit.. Get parts 1 and 2 here and here respectively if you haven’t already…and peep the new tape after the flip fuckers…UPDATED WITH TRACKLIST AFTER THE JUMP

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Hey. How the fuck are all of you? That picture up there is of The Uproot Andy from the SLOWED party in Toronto last Saturday. Starting tomorrow we will be djing 3 nights in a fucking row. We’re gonna spin way better than that guy and by that we mean 50% as good because he murdered it. He’s really fucking good. Kudos again to The Torro Torros and Le Dew Its for promising him a happy ending massage to get him to play in this town. If you want succeed in fucking show business YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT YOUR ALL! But rub and tugs aside, what with the whole UK moombahton spectacular and all that we’ve passed over a lot of good ass music that maybe you will like or maybe hate but whatever if you’re here you might as well listen because you’re a guest and it would be impolite so go listen to that shit AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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HIP HOP IS BACK   Leave a comment

New 1017 Frenchie video










Bringing Gangsta Back is out… We had lost hope.. Just rhymin’ wit the garbage




More fucking shit after the flip

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(HELP) FREE MAX B   3 comments

Buy his official album here. Proceeds go to help his appeal.







If you need more music to convince you, download this for free here..


The coke was cut, sold and now ya’ll askin for a mothafuckin re up. Who you gonna call? Fuckin Plan B of course. Plan B brings part two of his 86 part series on the life and times of French Montana. If you missed part one then click the fuck here. If you’re lookin for part 86 then come back in 2037 or build yourself a mothafuckin time machine and spark one up with Marty McFly. Either way, Plan B brings it again with this shit, dropping tracks like you’ll be hearing this shit in 3D  and he keeps his mouth shut and let’s French do all the talking. Make sure your fuckin nostrils are clear cuz you about to do some MORE COKE!


01. Max B ft. French Montana – The Remix
02. French Montana – Trya Breathe (Close my Mind)
03. French Montana – Is U Kiddin Me?
04. French Montana ft. Corte Ellis – Whatcha Know About It
05. French Montana ft. Mike Shorey – Lay Down
06. French Montana ft. Chinx Drugz – Deuces Remix
07. Max B ft. French Montana – Dirty South
08. French Montana ft. YG Hootie and Waka Flocka Flame – Take it Off
09. French Montana ft. Gucci Mane and Akon – Top Chef
10. French Montana ft. Wiz Khalifa – Not Ready
11. French Montana – You Belong to Me
12. French Montana – Life be a Movie
13. French Montana – Gettin High
14. French Montana – Ready To Go
15. Max B ft. French Montana & Maino – 1st Round Draft Pick
16. French Montana ft. Akon –  Overtime
17. French Montana ft. Masspike Miles – Get it All
18. French Montana ft. Sam Hook, Chinx Drugs – How It Feel
19. Max B ft. French Montana – We Wavy
20. French Montana ft. Chix Drugz, Flip and Charlie YG – Middle Fingers Up


Direct Download [Zshare]

Big on sequels, Plan B follows up his French Montana mixtape, Cut Coke with an offering of Max B songs. Max, a very promising New York artist was sent to prison for 30 years this past year on a conspiracy charge. From what we gather the case was loaded with circumstantial evidence and bumbled defence but we weren’t there. Here’s hoping Max’s appeal goes well and we hear more from this uptown prodigy. He was the pen behind some of Dipset’s best hooks and lots Jim Jones’s solo music. Bump this shit in honor of the Wavy one. Shout out to, and Marino for the constant support. Big shout out to The Dirty Frenchman who’s probably drinking rice wine and playing russian roulette with whoever’s stupid enough to make eye contact with him as we speak. FREE MAX B, RIP $tack Bundles.


01. Paperwork
02. 95 Bitches
03. When Them Pistols Hit Ya
04. Smoking (West Coast Freestyle)
05. Porno Muzik
06. Bottom
07. MIllion Dollar Baby 2
08. Flash Dance
09. Bottles Of Patron
10. Blow Me A Dub
11. Letter To $tack
12. Cake (Remix) Ft. French Montana
13. Be My Valentine
14. Dead Solver Ft. Mac Mustard
15. We Be On Our Shit
16. Free Al Pac Ft. French Montana & Mac Mustard
17. Drugs Baby Ft. French Montana
18. Tattoos On Her Ass
19. Don’t Take It Personal
20. They Mad At Me Ft. Al Pac & Mac Mustard
21. Turn You On
22. Every Morning
23. Do For Drugs Ft. French Montana
24. Goon Music
25. G’d Up
26. Model Of Entropy
27. Drop That Top
28. Friends
29. Who We Are

Walmer Radio December 7, 2010   Leave a comment

Yup, we’re on a roll!! Sure, it’s a day late but what else would you expect from a guy like Plan B? He doesn’t care about schedules, due dates or deadlines, those are just loose guidelines to him. Here’s a little mix of some rap music, some new some old but true to form most of the artists contained in this body of work are either incarcerated or not with us anymore, so pour some out for Dolla and $tack and Free Lil Boosie and Max B.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Make a Toast – Dolla (RIP)

Killa Cam – Cam’Ron

Church – T-Pain

Money Round Here – C-Ride ft. T-Pain

Get Off Me Now – Treal Lee & Prince Rick

Wanksta – 50 Cent

Black & Yellow – Wiz Khalifa

Wipe Me Down – Foxx ft. Lil Boosie (Free Lil Boosie)

This is What They Want – $tack Bundles (RIP)

Never Wanna Go Back – Max B (Free Max B)

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