Los Rakas – Abrazame (Uproot Andy Mix) (Zshare)

It’s hard to believe but sometimes when The Dirty Frenchman and Plan B play it’s not all epic-ness and blowing people’s heads off with bass. Sometimes you have to just chill people the fuck out or else they end up dancing to their hands like Elaine from seinfeld on PCP and spraying beer all over the DJ booth. This song is one of those. Not that it’s not epic but It’s got the Hold Yuh riddim piano loop but also that Uproot Andy smoothness that serves to increase the earth’s gravity only to panties.. Whoa, that was fuckin dirty. Anyway, if you’ve heard any of this guy’s stuff you’d understand what we mean, it’s romancin music. But still hard shit. Fuck off and just listen…

Oh, and for your dose of gangsta shit, don’t forget to download this..

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