Hey there fucknuts! What is happening in your lives? Did you have a good weekend? Did you have a terrible weekend? Did you get peed on? It’s possible. Sometimes people get peed on. Sometimes they ask for it. Maybe you did. It’s alright. You are not so weird. You are definitely weird but not so weird. Like there are weirder people than you. The Dirty Frenchman probably does some weird ass shit. We don’t even want to know about his life. There are probably terrible things involved. Don’t ask. Let’s look at brighter things. There was a lot of amazing music that came out recently. Why don’t you give it a listen AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

Nadastrom vs Heartbreak – Church

Timetakers – She Blows (Whistle Tune) (Dillon Francis Remix)

Sergio Mendez – Malaguena (Chong X Remix)

Tupac Back (Club)


Beastie Boys – Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (Feat. Santigold) (Major Lazer Remix)

Shottas (A Tribe Called Red Soca Core remix)

Katy Perry – Firework (Dirty Dutch Rockstar – DSTRYD Moombahton EDIT)

The End is Part of the Dance – ENOUGH(MENDEZ REMIX)

Crookers Pres. Dr Gonzo – Bust ‘Em Up (J-Trick Moombahton Edit)

Move For Me (Santiago & Bushido Remix) – Kaskade feat. Deadmau5 (Power Ragers’ Moombahton edit)

Market Price – Talk Trash (Original Mix)

Corcovado – want to say

Fellow feat. Basic One – Kibreloga

Greenmoney – Into You (French Fries Remix)

Melé – Streets Of Rage FREE DOWNLOAD

Get that shit here

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