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MOOMBAHTONS   2 comments

Don’t know what to fucking say about this picture. Shit just looks fucked up. Was looking up fucking pictures of cats and guns and this is one of the things that came up. What the fuck is that? We just wanted to have an innocent picture, that was it. Just a cat and a gun. What about all the children who just want cat and gun fucking pictures for their school project? Are they going to be exposed to this fucking disgusting shit? Why is the internet such a stinking vagina stuffed with garbage? We need to clean shit up! But while we do that why don’t we just listen to a whole post of moombahton? GO GRAB THAT SHIT AND LISTEN AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP YOU CUNT HERDERS!

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TUESDAY BASS SMASH   Leave a comment

Boom! That’s the sound of bass being straight up injected into your small intestine and going backwards through your digestive system and coming out your mouth. It makes a boom sound. Shut the fuck up. Anyway. No moombahton toaday. There has been too much. Probably still gonna post some tomorrow. But not today. Today we make a stand. A meaningless stand. But we do it. Only bass music today. By the way. What the fuck is “bass music” anyway. Can there be “treble music”? Is there “mids music”? Whatever. Just check these fucking tracks out AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Hey there fucknuts! What is happening in your lives? Did you have a good weekend? Did you have a terrible weekend? Did you get peed on? It’s possible. Sometimes people get peed on. Sometimes they ask for it. Maybe you did. It’s alright. You are not so weird. You are definitely weird but not so weird. Like there are weirder people than you. The Dirty Frenchman probably does some weird ass shit. We don’t even want to know about his life. There are probably terrible things involved. Don’t ask. Let’s look at brighter things. There was a lot of amazing music that came out recently. Why don’t you give it a listen AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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