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The Dirty Frenchman doesn’t own a fucking car. He hasn’t even driven one for like 13 years. He’s an idiot. Why does this matter? Well because even though most people in the demographic who would download this are not as idiotic as The Dirty Frenchman and have probably driven in the 21st century, they are probably not likely to buy a fucking car. Hopefully they’re also not likely to be like “Oh cool, Scion made a moombahton CD. I need to buy a Scion and stick my dick up the tailpipe and give it 108 thrusts per minute.”. It ain’t the dude in Brooklyn who’s gonna buy a Scion. It’s a fucking high school French teacher in Schenectady. But whatever. Who are we to complain when they get Nadastrom, Munchi, Tittsworth and Sabo on one disc (or phonograph or zune or whatever the kids call them)? And it’s good. Munchi tears her up moombahcore style. The Nadastroms are on point. Tittsworth earns his titts. But don’t take our word for it. Hear that Munchi track your own damn self and download that fucker AFTER THE JUMP ASSHOLES!

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Hey little bitches. How is your fucking life? Is it good? Do you get along with you parents? Why do we ask? No reason. Honestly. No fucking reason. Those questions have nothing to do with this new EP Moombahton Massive V compiled by the Dj Sabo (not Sabbo) that came out while we were having a fucking vacation as if the world doesn’t revolve around us. It’s a good ass EP. It’s got some sick ass tunes coming out of it. But don’t take our fucking word. No. We are usually liars. Have a fucking listen yourself. GO GRAB IT AND TASTE IT’S RAINBOW AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Hey there fucknuts! What is happening in your lives? Did you have a good weekend? Did you have a terrible weekend? Did you get peed on? It’s possible. Sometimes people get peed on. Sometimes they ask for it. Maybe you did. It’s alright. You are not so weird. You are definitely weird but not so weird. Like there are weirder people than you. The Dirty Frenchman probably does some weird ass shit. We don’t even want to know about his life. There are probably terrible things involved. Don’t ask. Let’s look at brighter things. There was a lot of amazing music that came out recently. Why don’t you give it a listen AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Excuse me there assfucks but I’m wondering if I could talk to you today about the soundclouds I found in your mom’s vagina the other day after me and her had been on a date and things had started to get a little “interesting” if you know what I mean. Oh, yes. Sorry. My name is Optimus Gerhard Prime. Your mother is the first woman I have laid with since immigrating here from Transformistan. Before I become your new father, I thought we could bond over those soundclouds. Let’s grab a ball and some gloves and throw it around and listen to some music like a family AFTER THE JUMP…

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Hey there assholes. Here’s the newest Moombahton Massive compilation that contains (surprise) moombahton. You can preview a tune and grab the 6 tracks AFTER THE JUMP!

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There is a new world emerging in music: THE WORLD OF MOOMBAHTON!

The Dirty Frenchman can’t get enough of it. All he wants to do is smoke fat blunts and spin moombahton and watch girls rub up on each other. It’s his new favourite pass time. It should be America’s pass time. Fuck baseball! Baseball is for fools. Anyway. We’re gonna give you the rundown of the best moombahton out there right now so you can talk to your friends and be like “Let me tell you about this smashing new dance craze that’s sweeping the nation.”. And you can make mix CDs for girls so you can try to fuck them. Maybe it will work. Maybe not. Another dry spell.

Dj Apt One vs Debonaire Samir – Samir’s Island (zshare)

This song is like some kind of moombahton panty dropping machine. While this song plays, and you walk across the dancefloor, it is like walking through the forest in the fall and the ground is covered with leaves. Except it’s not covered in leaves, it’s covered in panties. That is what we have to say about this song.

Steve Starks – Lydia (Nadastrom’s Moombahton Remix) (zshare)

This is like a song that you play when you want to cool things down a bit. It’s a serious song for when you want to grind seriously with a girl. No smiling. It’s deep. It’s a remix by Dave Nada (aka Nadastrom) who apparently invented moombahton and there is some crazy story behind it that we don’t care about.

Munchi – Pero Que lo Que Mujer (zshare)

We’ve talked about Munchi before. We’ve talked about how he’s ruining the life of The Dirty Frenchman. Look at his fucking website! He’s like some fucking machine sent back in time from the future to make crazy tunes. He just makes crazy tunes like it’s breathing. When we dj we try to go from slow bpms of dancehall and hip hop up to faster shit like electro and uk funky and now we don’t even succeed sometimes because we get stuck on a moombahton tip and it’s mainly Munchi’s fault. We put up this one song but we could have put up so many of them. He says he made this song in minutes. It’s kinda insane. We don’t know what to do.

Heartbreak – Pilulas Azuis e Brancos (zshare)

David Heartbreak came to our attention when Munchi sent us an email about his Moombreakton EP that they made together. We are glad that that happened because this guy is throwing down some fire as well. As Munchi describes this song “It’s like your stuck in the zone and you can’t get out, but do you really want to get out?” It’s true and that zone sounds to us like it’s some fucking kind of Jupiter party shit. Space brazilians.

JFK & St Mandrew – Beehive (Epidemic Moombahton Remix) (zshare)

This is some pretty wild shit too by Dj Epidemic who seems to be pretty prolific himself. We’re kinda sick of describing things now so we’ll just end off by apologizing for the meagre posting. But we made it up to you by dropping all these tracks so shut up and make that mixtape so you can maybe get laid. Plus we got a lot of new things in the works so look out Toronto cuz Walmer is here.

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