Hey cuntfucks! What up? What if today there were no soundclouds? Who the fuck wants them anyway. Look at this picture! These clouds are clearly ruining people’s vibes on their vacations. They’re just trying to get some tans and surf and the clouds are just trying to rain on them. Fuck the clouds. Now the Super Soundcloud Wednesday of Fuck made sense. We did it guys! We showed the world. This is probably the most important thing we will ever achieve and when we say “we” we are including you obviously since there is not much for you to aspire to in life. MUSIC IS AFTER THE JUMP!

This one sounds like you went into a world made of black and white and you stepped on broken glass but you had a good time altogether:

Canblaster – Jetpack (mediafires)

This one sounds like a serious version of Ace Ventura 2: Full Throttle

The Very Best ft Moroka – Ndekha (mediafires)

This one sounds like 2008 mixed with 1979 mixed with drugs:

SebastiAn – Fried (mediafires)

This one sounds like you ate soap and drank cough syrup and got kidnapped in a suburb of Atlanta:

GS Boyz – Stanky Legs (Lunice’s Remix) (mediafires)

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