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WE’RE BACK ASSHOLES!   1 comment

What do you think this is? We just wanted to take a rest and smoke some weed for the long weekend in Canada where we celebrate Queen Victoria who is dead. The world is so needy. Don’t you fucking get it? The soundclouds are gonna always be in the sky. There is no hurry. But apparently we need to pretend that something is always going the fuck down on this fucker. So here we are, posting like clowns. Should we just shut down this blog and write instead a blog for children about how it’s their birthday and we will give them a ballon shaped like a dog? Should we make a blog about how we’ve “got your nose” or how we looked in your ear and all of a sudden there is a quarter in there? No. That’s a terrible idea. That was so stupid. Just shut up and listen to these tunes AFTER THE JUMP!

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