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What is best? Shit or piss down your neck? Shit would choke you but piss would sting. Sometimes life gives you hard choices. Shit tastes like shit but piss tastes like piss. Best of times, worst of times. Charles Dickens. Think carefully about it. Anyway, let’s play some tunes. It’s the fucking long weekend in Canada. Maybe it is in America or Europica and Asiaca. All those other places are kinda just a blur. Like fucking Europe is just all the same with people just having traditions and funny costumes. GO GRAB THESE SONGS AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Hey cuntfucks! What up? What if today there were no soundclouds? Who the fuck wants them anyway. Look at this picture! These clouds are clearly ruining people’s vibes on their vacations. They’re just trying to get some tans and surf and the clouds are just trying to rain on them. Fuck the clouds. Now the Super Soundcloud Wednesday of Fuck made sense. We did it guys! We showed the world. This is probably the most important thing we will ever achieve and when we say “we” we are including you obviously since there is not much for you to aspire to in life. MUSIC IS AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hi! My name is Osama “Rusty” Bin Laden. You may remember me as a terrible person who did the worst things but I’d like to be commemorated as a passionate baseball player. You better fucking believe it. I love the game. The smell of fresh cut grass, the drama of the ninth inning. Can you think of a better sport. I will miss it up in heaven. Yup, I got to heaven. Shit’s unfair. You know how we tell suicide bombers and other terrorists that you get 7 virgins in heaven and all that other crap. Well, turns out it’s true. I still have many other regrets though. I never got an iPad 2™ and I never got to write the great novel I always thought I had in me. The other thing I will miss is the soundclouds. Like these AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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SWAGCLOUDS   Leave a comment

Yo! Whatup fucks! This Jon The Bitchslapper Lovitz. Fuck you! Yeah! This is how I really fucking talk because I do a shitload of blow. You thought you knew me and then I’m like BOOOOYAAAAAH! Just like when you do blow off of a breast. In this case I’m not just the blow but I’m also the breast. That’s fucking right cunts. I give you the sweet milk of knowledge. Bwaahaha! Fuck! Shit. I’m fucking feeling so crazy. I think I did too much. Fuck. I hope I don’t die like Osama Bin Laden. Play these songs at my funeral AFTER THE JUMP!

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WALMER RADIO NOVEMBER 8TH 2010!   Leave a comment

Walmer Radio is back! We said we would do it and we did! Twice. This time The Dirty Frenchman steps out of his comfort zone. His horrible, horrible comfort zone to lay down a mix that throws dubstep, jungle, dancehall and hip hop into wild mess of awesomeness that will have you shitting your pants an asking to do it again! Tune the fuck in and behold…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sleigh Bells – Run The Heart (Bassnectar Remix)

Diplo & Lil Jon – U Don’t Like Me (South Rakkas Crew Remix)

Chase & Status Ft Tempa T – Hypest Hype

Busy Signal – Wat U Say

Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life (Son of a Kick Rekix)

Cherine Anderson – Make Up Sex (Xtended Club Mix)

Untold – Anaconda (Douster Dagga Robot Edit)

Gucci Mane – Lemonade (Heroes + Villains Remix)

Deerhunter – Helicopter (Diplo & Lunice Mix)

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