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SOME MIXES THAT ARE OK   Leave a comment

We are fucking djs. We make fucking mixes. But we can’t be making mixes all the time. Sometimes we have play gigs or fuck our girlfriends or other people’s girlfriends or your mom. The point is sometimes we like to kick back between all things in our busy schedules and listen to the disc jockeying of other people. Here is some of their work. It is obviously not as good as us but the effort is appreciated. GO FUCK WITH THEM AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Hey look at this shit here fuckers! It’s motherfucking Billy the Gent of the District of Columbia spinning musics who is a gentleman and a fucking moombahscholar. Shit is real up in here. Or rather was real. This was last night at the fucking  S L O W E D party at the Crawford in Toronto where we got to meet the fucking Torro Torroses and the Dos Mundoses and the Billy the Gentses and all the other moombahfuckers in Toronto. It was like a family picnic where all the food was booze and everyone ate too much. Here are your fucking soundclouds. Leave us alone. We are sick. Our shits are terrible. CLICK AFTER THE JUMP!

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FUCKING MONDAYS   Leave a comment

Mondays are the fucking worst. Ask Garfield:

It’s true, I fucking hate that shit. Wanna smoke some crack girl?

See. It’s a fact. Science. There is only one cure for the Mondays, nay two: cocaine and music. Maybe you work in a cocaine factory and therefore you have one of those taken care of. It’s really cool that they let you go on music blogs in the cocaine factory. You have some pretty awesome bosses! Also if the movies are correct then you are also a naked chick (America’s #1 Workplace). Maybe you are not in a cocaine factory though and therefore you will have to settle for tunes. GRAB THEM AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP FUCKERS!

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Hey cuntfucks! What up? What if today there were no soundclouds? Who the fuck wants them anyway. Look at this picture! These clouds are clearly ruining people’s vibes on their vacations. They’re just trying to get some tans and surf and the clouds are just trying to rain on them. Fuck the clouds. Now the Super Soundcloud Wednesday of Fuck made sense. We did it guys! We showed the world. This is probably the most important thing we will ever achieve and when we say “we” we are including you obviously since there is not much for you to aspire to in life. MUSIC IS AFTER THE JUMP!

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