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South Rakkas Crew – Robots Revenge (Mustard Pimp Remix) (zshare)

Hey assholes! This song is pretty great. We all know South Rakkas Crew are the pioneers of electro-dancehall (sorry Major Lazer) and this remix just takes it to the next level of electro-ness that you need. Mustard Pimp, if you don’t know him, has been pretty prolific with adding that extra little epicness to tracks when makes a remix. Check out this one remix he did of this Crookers song which doesn’t come to mind right now. That’s helpful. If you are in the Toronto tonight then you should come to the Douster show at The Social tonight. We’ll be there. We’ll be drunk. The Dirty Frenchman will puke.

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Dirt Nasty, Andy Milonakis and Rich Hill – Fuck Ed Hardy (Mediafire)

Well, it was only a matter of time before someone made this joint…it’s what we were all thinking anyway. It really is a treat to hear Andy Milonakis spit though, he’s so eloquent with the wordplay. He goes in on Douchebags and Douchebagettes on this one, and it’s not to be missed. Just so we hammer our point home, the bonus song is produced by the Savage Skulls and it’s called Chickentown and Milonakis raps as a chicken. Yeah motherfuckers, if you were only that creative you’d probably be able to move out of your mom’s basement and be able to afford some Ed Hardy of your own.

Andy milonakis – Chickentown (Produced by the Savage Skulls) (Mediafire)

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