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This train is you life. The building is your dignity. Your life smashes through your dignity. What does that mean? Does it mean that one of your family members will eventually live in a trailer park? Does it mean that one day CSIs will be asking for your bodily fluids? Maybe it just means that you’ll live a normal life working at Ikea helping people to obtain and construct affordable furniture. Maybe you should just listen to these songs AFTER THE JUMP…

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Hey assholes! Why did you cook the food that smells so bad before you went out and now your fucking clothes stink? Did you fry up some shit or did you just collect the B.O. of your whole neighbourhood and make it into a sauce for fucking rotten fish? Do you think the smell will make the music sound better? Maybe the music will make you smell better. Maybe you will find that music AFTER THE MOTHAFUCKIN JUMP BITCHES!

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Lol, sum Douster, Robyn and Savage Skulls ish for ya:

Look out. You gon get in sum baile funk too

Sum soca so u gon get crazy wit it. JKS lol

Gotta give it up to thos French Fries niggas tho

But 4 real one second, whos gun take on Mumdance an Drums of Death?

Oliver Twizt n Maluca but u prolly still get it twisted

U be actin like u don no this 1 but u like it

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Dirt Nasty, Andy Milonakis and Rich Hill – Fuck Ed Hardy (Mediafire)

Well, it was only a matter of time before someone made this joint…it’s what we were all thinking anyway. It really is a treat to hear Andy Milonakis spit though, he’s so eloquent with the wordplay. He goes in on Douchebags and Douchebagettes on this one, and it’s not to be missed. Just so we hammer our point home, the bonus song is produced by the Savage Skulls and it’s called Chickentown and Milonakis raps as a chicken. Yeah motherfuckers, if you were only that creative you’d probably be able to move out of your mom’s basement and be able to afford some Ed Hardy of your own.

Andy milonakis – Chickentown (Produced by the Savage Skulls) (Mediafire)

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