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Have you ever wondered what a future ruled by Terminators would sound like? We all know what it would look like:

With skin on, I look like Arnold Schwarzenegger

But what the fuck would it sound like? It would sound like Over Tones by Elonious. This is the filthiest fucking moombahcore you have ever heard. Shit is like taking a bath in a fucking swamp. Playing this music is like when you fix a part of your car and you get that grimey fucking machine grease on your hands and it talkes like two days for that shit to come off. This is that in music. He also puts in some light more melodic stuff but we will pretend he didn’t. So why are you sitting at your computer right now reading this? Get the fuck up outta your chair, go grab your fucking credit card. Get back in your chair, go to the Beatport link after the jump, and buy the fuck outta it. Also grab the free track by Elonious called Move Your Soul while you’re at it. GO NOW! GRAB THAT SHIT AFTER THE JUMP FUCKTARDS!

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Enchanté! Karl Lagerfeld taught me that that’s how motherfuckers say “Hi” in Germany. Crazy eh? By the way, I’m noted American thespian Curtis James Jackson III. Hahaha! Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your ears! That’s acting! That’s how you do it! I live in fucking Connecticut now! Grey Poupon fuckers! I just eat a whole jar of that shit to show how rich I am. Use that shit as fuckin moisturizer too. Fuckin burns my fuckin face. I feed lobster to my dogs. I drive around the fuckin golf course in a Cadillac. That my fuckin golf cart. I have to pay for the whole golf course to be replanted with grass every time I play. That’s my fucking life. Don’t wear it out. Fuck yeah. Check out these fucking songs AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Fuck yeah! We’re lazy cunts. We’re too busy smoking ganja joints and drinking beer drinks. We like to enjoy life instead of sitting in front of our computer to entertain you. Entertain yourselves. Jerk off or touch your clitorises depending on what you have. Make a song. Who knows. Maybe you have the next Who Let the Dogs out in your head or Gangster’s Paradise?

You could be like us

We dare any of you to try to be more successful than the Baha Men. Here’s your fucking music. Shut up. We’re tired. The weekend only begins now and we are already fucked. We’re going to jail. TUNES AFTER THAT JUMP CUNTS:

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