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Hello everyone. My fucking name is Eddie Griffin. You might remember me from the fact that I played in commercial cinema films a number of years back. Now my job is to smoke cigars for money. I also like to listen to the soundclouds on the world wide web. There are so many things you can find if you like to surf it. It blows my mind sometimes like a spliff. Do you have any work for me? Can I get a light for my cigar? You want to smoke a spliff? I got some papers if you have some chrons. What are you talking about saying no? I saw you had some weed earlier. You sure you need to leave? What about these tunes? AFTER THE JUMP!

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BOOOOOOOYYYAAAAAHHHHHHH! This is William Gary Busey here but you can call me Billy Busey or better yet Gary Busey but don’t call me late for dinner. Get it? That’s a total laugh out loud. You know? Internet speak? The Walmer Conveniences blog has asked me to tweet to you the music that moves the soul within my body. Have you ever listened to music before? It sticks the penis of sound into your ears and and makes you have feelings. The sound then ejaculates into you senses and impregnates your body with music. This is called rhythm. Do you get it? When the baby of feelings is born, that’s when you know the song really hit you. Will you have the baby of these songs? Does your brain have ovaries? Science. I’m not gay. LISTEN TO THEM AFTER THE JUMP:

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