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BASS MUSIC FOR CREEPS   Leave a comment

Where do you listen to music? The girl’s bathroom? The school playground? You’re a creep. Even if you’re a girl it’s kinda creepy unless you have a kid and the kid is playing on the playground and you happen to be there to look after the little fucker. But then even if that is the case, why do you have your headphones on? Maybe your kid is screaming. You’ll never hear them. You’re a bad mother. This is not Parenting Today. Is there a blog called Parenting Today? Who cares. Fuckers are here for some fucking tunes so why don’t we drop the pretense and get straight to the point. Just straight up bass music for your stupid asses. GO GRAB THOSE TUNES AFTER THE JUMP FUCK FACES!

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A$AP ROCKY – PESOS   Leave a comment

Ever since this video for Everything’s Purple dropped motherfuckers have been fiending for the track at the end of it…here it is..

A$AP Rocky – Pesos (Limelinx)



Words by Avi Gold, Photos by Angelo Baque.



Shit just got fucking REAL, props to Cito for the heads up..


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As the Dirty Frenchman packs up his gear to head home in the next few days from his Heart of Darkness Tour in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, the Walmer fort sends out the appropriate carrier pigeons to wait for him at Pearson for his next mission in the city on Friday, January 28th the BLOC BUSTER at BLOC 22 aka The Return. With memories of cannibalism and warlording still fresh on his mind from his tour, the Frenchman will have to turn to minus cold degrees and pussy blistering beats once again. Alongside DJ JOHN CORTES and D.JAEMIN, these men will bring it to your girlfriends chest like Koreans on kimchi.  FREE vodka before 11, Bmore bangers, no cover, Dancehall Electro, bottle service, daggerin, hip hop and booze. 587 College St West of Bathurst. This date will be the return party for the Dirty one, but also the assassination of NY for another affiliate..


Fresh off his victory at the Battle of Duttysburg on NYE at Lot 16, Plan B also begins to pack his bags, but for his own mission on Friday, January 28th to the Marino Goods Release Party at Memes NYC – 3 Great Jones St. OPEN BAR with The Nana Castro Show. 7:30pm to 11:30pm. It has been proclaimed that Devastator will transform once Plan B hits the decks to spin the style of Rap that he was conceived to and always born to play. Nothing but proper hockey jersies and camo type hip hop; true heaterz for the streets where they came from. The term “Murderation” will be considered an understatement when Plan B finishes with this release party.

Two countries. One mission. Domination.


Direct Download [Zshare]

Big on sequels, Plan B follows up his French Montana mixtape, Cut Coke with an offering of Max B songs. Max, a very promising New York artist was sent to prison for 30 years this past year on a conspiracy charge. From what we gather the case was loaded with circumstantial evidence and bumbled defence but we weren’t there. Here’s hoping Max’s appeal goes well and we hear more from this uptown prodigy. He was the pen behind some of Dipset’s best hooks and lots Jim Jones’s solo music. Bump this shit in honor of the Wavy one. Shout out to, and Marino for the constant support. Big shout out to The Dirty Frenchman who’s probably drinking rice wine and playing russian roulette with whoever’s stupid enough to make eye contact with him as we speak. FREE MAX B, RIP $tack Bundles.


01. Paperwork
02. 95 Bitches
03. When Them Pistols Hit Ya
04. Smoking (West Coast Freestyle)
05. Porno Muzik
06. Bottom
07. MIllion Dollar Baby 2
08. Flash Dance
09. Bottles Of Patron
10. Blow Me A Dub
11. Letter To $tack
12. Cake (Remix) Ft. French Montana
13. Be My Valentine
14. Dead Solver Ft. Mac Mustard
15. We Be On Our Shit
16. Free Al Pac Ft. French Montana & Mac Mustard
17. Drugs Baby Ft. French Montana
18. Tattoos On Her Ass
19. Don’t Take It Personal
20. They Mad At Me Ft. Al Pac & Mac Mustard
21. Turn You On
22. Every Morning
23. Do For Drugs Ft. French Montana
24. Goon Music
25. G’d Up
26. Model Of Entropy
27. Drop That Top
28. Friends
29. Who We Are

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