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The was a time not long ago when we would talk about deep house as sleep house because, you know, not really the best shit to jolt you in the morning. Suprisingly it’s been the growing amount of deep moombah and lean house shit that has made us come around. You smoke a big flat spliff on an afternoon or late the fuck at night and this shit is fucking perfect. It was compiled by this dude named Ginger Shinobi who we know nothing about except that he is some red headed fucker who likes the classic arcade game. All these facts are well and good but the most important fact for us is that the promotional material for this compilation uses a quote from us like basically us saying that something is cool is a reason for you to download it. Check it:

“If you like music that takes you somewhere and is about the journey rather than the moment then this compilation is for you. This is music that you savour. MoombahDeep is like a long dinner rather than a quick snack. Sophisticated moombahton for adults. Adults who like to spend time in smoky warehouses at 4am.”

-Walmer Convenience 2012

So that’s why you should get this compilation. Because we said that shit. Also it’s pretty good. GRAB THAT SHIT AFTER THE JUMP FUCKFACES AND PLAY IT AT YOUR AFTERHOURS THIS WEEKEND!

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