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Hi there. I’m Buju fucking Banton and I’m going to fucking prison and it’s probably gonna be terrible. I’m so fucking pissed. I don’t know what to do. Here listen to some songs. They are AFTER THE JUMP (comprende?)

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WE LOVE PUSSY!!   2 comments

A1 Bassline – We Love Pussy (Zshare)

Well the title isn’t exactly a revelation or anything but it’s the name of the song of the day and we thought it would be funnier if we just put that instead of OBVIOUSLY TITLED SONG OF THE DAY: A1 BASSLINE – WE LOVE PUSSY, makes sense right? It’s pretty hot with an old school garage/ravey feel to it and some bmore elements to it as well. Its best feature is that it’s got a pretty huge build and then drops kinda insanely but the dope part is that it just repeats PUSSY PUSSY PUSSY PUSSY over and over again throughout the track and we like that kind of thing, overt proclamations of one’s love for pussy. Mmmm, pussy. Anyway, we digress, if you enjoy this song the dude who does it has a bunch more hot ones but you can find em yourself..

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