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Marino goods 2011 summer drop is ready and if you’re in NY and you come to Memes tonight at 3 Great Jones St. in SoHo to cop you’ll also be able to catch Plan B tearing the fucking decks the fuck up. Playing the best of 90’s grimey New York shit and the best of today’s ignorant hip hop, you’re guaranteed this is gonna be a good fuckin time. Hot gear, girls, and music, if you can’t feel that then fuck you.

If on the other hand you’re in Toronto tonight, feel free to drop by the Bloc on College and get crazy with the Dirty Frenchman and Cortez with a rare appearance by D Jaemin who will only ever DJ when Plan B’s not there! For real though, two countries, same night…WALMER….SWAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGG

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No, not that kind!!! The kind that comes out of speakers and makes you move your ass. Come out to Lot 16 on Queen Street and have the time of your life. Plan B and Destro will be DJ’ing crazy-like!! Radio faves!! Obscure stuff too!! Lotsa rap music and crazy shit being played all while the bar sells you alcoholic beverages to enhance the experience!!

These guys are gonna make songs like this

Sound like this

Crazy huh??

Yeah, we could have been a little less literal with that one but we got shit to do and you need to just show up tonight…see you there.


This will be insane, you’ve been forewarned. The Dirty Frenchman and Plan B will fucking kill it as they always do. There will be music for thrusting and music about thrusting. There will be actual thrusting to accompany all of the music about it.  There’s even a stripper pole to aid in the thrusting. In fact, play the accompanying track and try not to thrust like a motherfucker to it…Gooffee – The Siren Song (Zshare)…see, you’re almost having a baby with yourself you’re being so fucking nasty right now…save that shit till tonight…when we thrust..

Gooffee just did an EP and it’s free and hot. Get it here..

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