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Hey fuckers! How the fuck are you? You wanna have a classic dancehall video dance party? All essential songs?ALRIGHT LET’S FUCKING GO AFTER THE JUMP!

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DANCEHALL AND A MOVIE   Leave a comment

If you’re like us, there’s nothing you like better than to sit back, relax and watch a film and listen to your favourite dancehall song. It’s a great combination. Finding the best movie/song combination can be frustrating though. With so many to choices you might end up with a headache instead of a good time.

That’s where Walmer comes in. We’ve made the choices for you and provided you with the best combination of dancehall songs and movies. You can feel confident in your choices because when Walmer is involved you know you’re in good hands. Grab the family, turn on the stereo and slip that DVD in the player.

Don’t forget the popcorn! OUR PICKS AFTER THE JUMP!

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Tony Matterhorn ft Gappy Ranks – Just Tell Dem (zshare)

Dancehall is the cure for all diseases. No it’s not. But it’s a good music to cleanse your palette after too much ravey music. This song is just a triumphant song with a good message. How can you argue with it? Hypocrites and badmind can never be a friend of yours. Unless you are a sociopath. In that case, you love hypocrisy. If you are looking for some kind of meaningful discussion about this song then we could say that it keeps a more traditional dancehall sound and doesn’t sound like a beat that could be for hip-hop like a lot of tracks these days. Anyway, since we already posted some Tony Matterhorn videos here are some Gappy Ranks videos. Apparently he is concerned about being rich:

In the next video you get to see that there are Louis Vuitton guns available.

This next video proves that Gappy Ranks is rich. He spent sooooo much on it. Avatar better watch out.

This video was shot on the same day as the last one:


Tony Matterhorn

Ding Dong

Tony Matterhorn & Ding Dong – Ah Yuh Fren Dem Bad (zshare)

What does it mean when yuh fren dem bad? Does it mean they do this to you?:

Or this?:

That would suck. But let’s be serious, as we are now a serious blog where we talk about issues and feelings. The internet is a dignified place like the Acropolis in ancient Athens. Therefore, let us state that Tony Matterhorn is a a well known purveyor of dancehall hits such as the classic Dutty Wine. He can make a party track like no other. Ding Dong is another hit maker who is best known for the track Bad Man Forward. Did you know that Ding Dong began his career as a dancer for Elephant Man? Well now you do. This track brings them both together and is explosive. It is a wonder it didn’t get more play because in our experience it can really get things going at a party. It doesn’t even have a video so we will give you a video for Ding Dong and then Tony Matterhorn and then you can imagine them together to get an idea of what they would sound like.

This video shows you what it looks like when you pay Bad Man Forward at a party:

and this is Tony Matterhorn with Elephant Man, Geisha and Wyclef for a song called China Wine (Tony Matterhorn likes a good wine):





Douster – Dutty Wine (zshare)

Last one for today. We need to go get drunk and high. This is a remix of the classic reggae song Dutty Wine by Tony Matterhorn. Douster is the remixer and he has an interesting story. He is a French dude which The Dirty Frenchman definitely approves of. French people gotta help each other out you know. Fist bump! This guy does a bit of everything. He does electro, cumbia, baile funk, you name it. Not long ago he decided to move to Argentina and is now on the ZZK label that was mentioned last post.  This particular track is fidget house (that name sucks ass by the way). We thought you might need some uptempo shit to get the run up to the weekend going so enjoy. Below is the video for the original, unbeatable Dutty Wine. This shit is so homemade.

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