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WMC SONG DUMP   Leave a comment

The battle of the blogs. The battle of stickers. One on the way up. One looking like it’s alienating everyone who has anything to do with it (but who would give a fuck when you just made a song for Usher). Why the fuck is The Dirty Frenchman smiling like a fucking cunt. He should have a mean face on. But he’s a drunk ass. So he smiled for this. Anyway. Sure WMC is almost over but we’re still gonna fucking post all the latest shit you need to wreck parties. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO LET’S GET THIS GOING AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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THIS FRIDAY FUCKERS!   Leave a comment

Hey bitches! What the fuck are you doing today? If you are in Canada then you should fucking vote because it’s super cool to do it! Like, only the most awesome swaggerrific people vote and that’s who you are. Right? That totally got you fucking motivated to vote. Anyway. That wasn’t even the fucking point of this post. We are just taken in by the magic of the political process. No. The point is to go to our Walm-Art event at the Port Gallery this Friday. Gonna be some amazing artwork and some fantastic music.


Now, what music was made by fuckers recently? Maybe you will find some AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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