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OLD BASS AND THE SEA   1 comment

Do you like bass? Do you like the sea? Well then you should take these fucking songs and go to the sea and listen to them and stay out too long and get a sunburn and then do that again several fucking times and get skin cancer and go to the hospital and when you get there you can see how many people actually care about you and those that don’t fucking come are not your real friends and you can delete them from facebook and that will be your life. LIVE THAT FUCKING LIFE AFTER THE JUMP!

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Diplo vs Tiesto – C’mon (zshare)

Hey everyone! Do you like raves? Do you loooovvvee neon and just going out and dancing and getting to meet great new ppl that are soooo awsm! You do? Then leave this page right now. You suck. If you think the girl in the picture above looks cool you are a loser. Go take an e and write in your diary that we made you cry today. Don’t forget to drink some pee and eat some poo while you do it. The problem is that the stupid Dirty Frenchman (who else?) got high yesterday and then downloaded this song and liked it and wanted it to be on the blog (it’s even more stupid because we posted about Diplo recently already). Now he listen to it and he is all like “do i really like it?”. Whatever. It’s too late. Can you believe there is a fucking Tiesto song on our blog? Lame.

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