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Sometimes you have to listen to soundclouds and sometimes you have to pee. That is the choice of life. You can listen to soundclouds with pants that have been warmed and moistened by urine or you can make you way to the bathroom. There is no compromise. Life is a struggle. Have any of you ever been at job and tried like fuck to get ahead and then promised that you would and then they tell you that you were promoted but it’s a fake promotion where you just get a title and then you have to do the same job? That’s what the fuck happened to The Dirty Frenchman just 15 minutes ago. The true definition of bloodclaat bullshit. Let’s all pee our pants and enjoy some music AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP PUSSIES!

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Part 2 & 3 after the jump…

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Someone constructed a rocket to go into your mom’s vagina. Many prototypes were tested. Most failed. Only the last one made it. It discovered these soundclouds. Have you heard them? LISTEN TO THEM AFTER THE JUMP!

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Remember rap music? We have videos for it..

New Yayo and Mobb Deep, Body Bag…these fuckers about to go hard in the paint…

More shit after the jump yo..

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Blazaaaaaaaaamm! Carrot Top in the hizzzzzzzzaaaaaay! The copper top is here to write for the Walmer Blizzzoog about the soundclouds that have changed my life more than cocaine and Amped energy drink (and roids). You can be sure that this post is gonna be total FTL, that’s famous talk for “for the ladies”, basically just like Carrot Top. LET’S DO THIS! JUST FUCKING YELLING CUZ I’M GETTING HYPED! One sec. Wait for it. OH YEAH! CLICK READ MORE! CRUSHING IT!

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This one’s called Use Your Head…be smart and don’t watch it at work!!

See what other teachings this week’s hip hop music has in store after the jump!!
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Here it fucking is, a new mix from The Dirty Frenchman. This one is a mix of everything. You asked for dubstep? Well, it’s already in the bedroom with your mamma. You want kuduro? It’s drinkin’ the milk right out of the carton from your fridge. You wanted hip hop? It took money out of your wallet and then asked you if they could borrow it. And we got all that shit in between. We got some Walmer heroes represented on  here. Crizzly is in between Kanye and Trey Songz where he belongs. Emynd is there. We got Gooffee up in this bitch. Munchi had to be in this. Bump that shit:


Ciara – Deuces (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
Munchi – Minigame
Girl Unit – Wut
Kanye West – All of the Lights
Crizzly – Big Booty Bitchezz
Trey Songz – Bottoms Up (Emynd Atlanta Bass Remix)
Gucci Mane – Lemonade (Heroes & Villains Remix)
Baby Blondy – Me Tienen Dema
Three 6 Mafia & Project Pat – Keep My Name Out Ya Mouth (Bird Peterson Remix)
Gooffee – Jack Daniels
Busy Signal – Real Gallis
Salem – King Night

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New French – Tryna Breathe video NSFW

Gunplay – Rollin Live Performance

Riff Raff & TKO Capone – Clap Hands 2 Times

Juicy J – Talkin Bout (Bombay Gin Dance ) In Studio Performance

Gucci’s New Whip…Challenger on 26’s

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