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When I fucking won my Las Vegas Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor because I played in the fucking Hours, Chicago and Gangs of New York I never let it get to my fucking head. No way. The only thing that gets to my head is blow and pussy. By the way, I John C Reilly, guest blogger for the third time at the Walmer Convenience blog. I bought this jaunty fucking hat so that chicks would look at me and say “That guy gives a fuck, but he doesn’t give a fuck, but he also cares” and you know what that means: bango! That’s like the new catch phrase I’m working on and trying to fit in all my conversations. It’s a mix of “bingo” and “bang” and you’re supposed to say it when you know for sure a chick is ready to fuck, or if a chick just did a line of blow off your dick. You just go like: Bango!. You get it? Fuck! How many times do I have to explain it to people? Anyway, here’s some fucking tunes AFTER THE JUMP:

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