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She got fucked. She had it in her uterus for 9 months. It came out. It was a soundcloud. She was shocked. This was not a baby. It was beats. You can’t breastfeed a beat. What was she going to do with all that milk? It was a big case of the mondays. Your brother is a beat. It goes to family reunions. It’s so fucking loud. You hate Christmas now. The beat made it to college and you didn’t. You are jealous. Jealous of a soundcloud. Your life sucks. Listen to soundclouds. AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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We go on soundcloud and find the best shit! These are free ass downloads. Grab em. Play em. Do blow.

Willowz – I Know (Sticky K Remix)

Lil Jon – Put Yo Hood Up [DJ Hipnotikk VIP]

The Count & Sinden – Addicted To You (I Killed Kenny Remix)

Rico Tubbs – Golden Cage Remix

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Mark Ronson & The Business INTL – Bang Bang Bang (The Count and Sinden Tribal Horn Remix) (zshare)

This is the song you listen to when you are travelling to the future. Not when you are travelling to the past. Fuck the past. We spit on the past. We had been wondering what was going on with Sinden and the Count (Herve). Had they given up? It seemed like they were not giving us much to go on after those heady days of 2007-2008. Were they going to be the next Crookers who middlingly flail around lost in a post-fidget world not knowing who to be? No! They chose to take a Mark Ronson (he still does stuff apparently) song and fuck it’s face until it was a party destroyer (in a good way). So stop crying about how you wasted your life. Be somebody. Do a line of blow off a breast. Look at this mildly ok hipster rap video of the original:

We need to push through that law against chicks wearing annoying glasses soon. Make sure to make calls to your local elected representative.

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