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BAM! Walmer is inside you now fuckers! How you like that? No vaseline. Ever. That’s the way we blog shit. Inside you. “This is Walmer reporting live from your vagina. The forecast is for wet weather.” Alright. Thanks. we’ll just keep on doing a bang up job. No fucking music commentary here. No “blah blah, really has been making a mark on the scene lately, blah blah”. No. We don’t do that. That is boring as fuck. Not to say that there are many blogs that are good that do that. But a lot are shit. We shit on them. Shit on shit. Just get fucking annoyed at the complete fucking lack of originality. “Here’s my blog! I have some cool looking pictures and gifs and then I say that this person is really making a mark or is up and coming”. Lick our blog balls. Whatever. GRAB A SHITLOAD OF TUNES AFTER THE JUMP!

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Haha! It is I! Fucking Shaquille O’Neal. I’m a fucking genie yo! Jump on my fucking carpet y’all! It’s gonna be a wild ride! Haha! Never a dull moment! Come on kids! Let’s do blow off of tits while we fly in the fucking air! It’s magic! Woohoo! Yeah! I’m so high! Fuck! It’s too fucking much. It’s so high up in this carpet! Look kids! It’s the fucking Statue of Fucking Liberty! Her tits are like the size of a building! Holy shit! Let’s listen fucking music kids! And then we’ll climb on the Statue of Liberty’s tits. You kids like tits right? Let’s go! Haha! MUSIC IS AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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DANCEHALL AND A MOVIE   Leave a comment

If you’re like us, there’s nothing you like better than to sit back, relax and watch a film and listen to your favourite dancehall song. It’s a great combination. Finding the best movie/song combination can be frustrating though. With so many to choices you might end up with a headache instead of a good time.

That’s where Walmer comes in. We’ve made the choices for you and provided you with the best combination of dancehall songs and movies. You can feel confident in your choices because when Walmer is involved you know you’re in good hands. Grab the family, turn on the stereo and slip that DVD in the player.

Don’t forget the popcorn! OUR PICKS AFTER THE JUMP!

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T.O.K. vs Rishi Romero – Defense vs African Forest (Mycon Deep Refix) (zshare)

This ain’t dancehall but it ain’t not dancehall. This is the kind of dancehall the Aztecs would have made if they were Jamaican. Whoever Mycon is, he needs to be captured and entombed in a vault at the bottom of Mt Vesuvius because he makes music that would be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands like the Soviets or the Red Chinese. Yeah, that’s right we talkin’ Cold War style mothafuckas! But seriously folks, this song is just one big buildup to madness. Not even smallpox or muskets can stop it. How can you defeat a song that has so many “vs” in it’s title? If you don’t watch the fuck out it will be T.O.K. vs Rishi Romero vs You bitch!

And just in case you had not gotten your daily recommended booty shaking intake here is some classic T.O.K. to help you to meet your dietary requirements:

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