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As is not the tradition on Mondays, we are gonna do an all non-moombahton post because we don’t want fuckers to think we’re some kind of all moombahton blog and just send us moombahton and nothing else because that would be sad and then we would only have that in our lives and die probably from fucking moombah overdose. IT WOULD ALL BE YOUR FAULT! You would probably go to jail and become someone’s bitch and have penis in your mouth all day long. IS THAT THE FUTURE YOU WANT? Let’s go and listen to non-moombaton AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP FUCKERS!

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Hey all you fuckers. How’s your fucking Monday? We’re fucking depressed. The SLOWED party went great. The only thing that went wrong was THAT FUCKING TRAKTOR DECIDED TO TAKE A HUGE SHIT THAT NIGHT AND NOT WORK!. So we had to use Seraato in internal mode which is like using a pen to draw a mural so we spun like old used dead cunts and sure eventually we got the hang of it but not before our dj cred was questioned and we looked like assholes. Yeah. Whatever. Huge bigups to the Torro Torro dudes and the Le Dew It posse and Jasmine for being cool while we shat our pants all over the floor of the Crawford. We could have had a better look. Good to meet the fucking Young Lord as well. Oh well. Hopefully they have us again in the future. Anyway, there will be more time for crying. Let’s listen to the fucking music  AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP:

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There is a part of your mom’s uterus where soundclouds are made by tiny elves working night and day. The craft the soundclouds with their tiny fingers making sure that every single one is unique like a snowflake. That’s the story of soundclouds. do you like it? No? Shut up. We are not inventing another one. Anyway, we don’t have much more to say so here are some tunes. Some days we just feel like phoning it in alright. Some days we just need to make edits instead of originals. Inside joke. MUSIC IS AFTER THE JUMP!

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