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Hey fucks! Been some fucking time that we just wanted to post these things but we just couldn’t because there is so little time in the world and your mom is so needy and she fucking calls us day and night and wants to talk about her girl problems an meanwhile we just want to blog but if we tell her that we need to go then she makes us feel guilty. Your mom just needs to chill the fuck out. Anyway. Now that we have some time get ready for 3 great releases from SPF 5000, Rot10 Musik and A Tribe Called Red. 2 are free and then you gotta pay for one of them. F.Y.I. the internet does not accept payment through a sock full of fuckin dimes. LET’S GET DOWN TO IT AFTER THE JUMP!

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Maybe you are expecting something clever right now. Maybe that is not possible. Maybe we went out and scouted a place for our next party. Maybe we did blow at some point and had a number of beers. Maybe we are fucking dead inside now at work pretending to be normal people talking to our fucking boss and discussing projected revenue and then in our heads we’re like “I do fucking blow man. I can’t fucking deal with this shit.” That’s our lives. We’re having a fucking meeting and we’re pointing at charts and graphs and shit and we get a drip from the night before fall down our throats and you gotta keep your fucking composure. But anyway. Enough of that. There are soundclouds to blog. Grab them, listen to them, fuck them AFTER THE JUMP ASSHOLES!

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OLD BASS AND THE SEA   1 comment

Do you like bass? Do you like the sea? Well then you should take these fucking songs and go to the sea and listen to them and stay out too long and get a sunburn and then do that again several fucking times and get skin cancer and go to the hospital and when you get there you can see how many people actually care about you and those that don’t fucking come are not your real friends and you can delete them from facebook and that will be your life. LIVE THAT FUCKING LIFE AFTER THE JUMP!

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