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Fucking tired like fuck. Head feels like this fucking cop car, like our brain got wrapped around a tree while we were driving. That’s life right now. Dead inside style. Whatever. This is not the time to complain. We ain’t little baby bitches always looking for their bottles and crying tears on the ground. We ain’t no warm milk drinkin’ motherfuckers. Anyway. We don’t feel like fucking entertaining you so how about you fucking just click and GRAB SOME FUCKING TUNES AFTER THE JUMP CUNT FACES!

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You know what the fuck is good? This fucking EP is good. Do you like bass? Yes? Then you have to download this shit. There is no maybe. Do you like maybe? If you asked us a question, would you want us to reply “maybe”? No you wouldn’t. There are some great master bass crafters here. Who? Well there is the winner of our last who is best competition Go Buck! (who probably cheated). There is Nader, Stlkrfxxx/David Beltran (formerly of the Starfoxxxes), Flubba and then these other dudes who we don’t know like Kid Quest and Stupidrichkidz. Why all the kids? Anyway, go grab the whole thing because it’s free like the air you breath AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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