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Hello, my name is Carlton Weathers, but you can call me Carl but don’t call me late for dinner. Ha ha, yes I am quite a fucking joker. Let me tell you my mamma used to whoop my ass so hard because I was just making jokes non stop when I was just a little kid in that crazy town that you may call New Orleans but will always be Cracklevania to me. But this is not just about me. This is about the fact that it is Thursday and that there are soundclouds out there that are super. Fuck yeah. And the crazy thing about it is that each one represents an aspect of my life. Let’s take a fucking journey together. Come. Hold my hand. It’s not gay. Just do it. LET’S GO AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hi! My name is Osama “Rusty” Bin Laden. You may remember me as a terrible person who did the worst things but I’d like to be commemorated as a passionate baseball player. You better fucking believe it. I love the game. The smell of fresh cut grass, the drama of the ninth inning. Can you think of a better sport. I will miss it up in heaven. Yup, I got to heaven. Shit’s unfair. You know how we tell suicide bombers and other terrorists that you get 7 virgins in heaven and all that other crap. Well, turns out it’s true. I still have many other regrets though. I never got an iPad 2™ and I never got to write the great novel I always thought I had in me. The other thing I will miss is the soundclouds. Like these AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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