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Sisqo – Thong Song (Artistic Raw Bootleg) (zshare)

Sisqo is back! No he isn’t. He is far from back. Wikipedia says he is doing Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. Stay in school kids. We can laugh at him but in the end it rings hollow. He is the man behind the Thong Song, which is widely recognized as the ultimate achievement of 20th century music. Jazz, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder and Grunge music were all steps down a winding road of improvement leading to the Thong Song. Every time that Sisqo takes out the garbage at McDonalds he has a smile on his face because he knows, perhaps only he remembers, that he made the Thong Song. Sometimes Sisqo sneaks into wedding receptions and stands in the shadows observing, waiting for that moment when the his song, “the song”, comes on and great aunts and second cousins start hamming it up. It feels sometimes like his heart is gonna break out of his chest the feelings he gets are so strong.

Anyway this remix was made by a dude named Artistic Raw. Great name #sarcasm [via using twitter talk outside of twitter and you don’t even havetwitter].

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