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On the outskirts of Calcutta there is a dump where people leave their used up bass. Living in the dump are a group of dedicated workers who collect this bass, this assorted bass, and put the different pieces back together and make new bass shit with it. This has been going on for generations and is the most important source of music up in this bitch. Maybe you would like to take a journey in to this garbage dump. Dive and swim inside. Do blow in the garbage dump. Fuck a girl maybe. Or if you are a girl you can fuck a man there. Or if you are gay you can do the opposite. But whatever you do, you do it in a garbage dump. GO GRAB THOSE FUCKING TRACKS AFTER THE JUMP CUNT MASTERS!

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As is not the tradition on Mondays, we are gonna do an all non-moombahton post because we don’t want fuckers to think we’re some kind of all moombahton blog and just send us moombahton and nothing else because that would be sad and then we would only have that in our lives and die probably from fucking moombah overdose. IT WOULD ALL BE YOUR FAULT! You would probably go to jail and become someone’s bitch and have penis in your mouth all day long. IS THAT THE FUTURE YOU WANT? Let’s go and listen to non-moombaton AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP FUCKERS!

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Hey, remember rap? It was the musical sensation of the eighties, kids everywhere were learning how to breakdance and smoke weed.

Here’s some new rappings, let us know what you think of this craze sweeping the nations.

Start off with B.A.R.S. Murre called Ask For Me, stupid fresh..

See more after the jump!

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Did you know that when you put your ear up against a Grammy award you can hear the sound of money being printed? Oh hi. Didn’t see you there. I’m David Oswald Guetta. Did you make it to the party last night? It was fucked. There was blow everywhere. It was as if the party was held in a snow globe. A snow globe that gets you high. It was crazy.

There was like some astro-space black dude there who djed with me called Bill-I-Am and he is from a place called Black Iced Peace. He is a pretty cool for an alien. He did the most blow of all of us. What a champ. We didn’t play any of these songs that are posted AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP! We just listened Sean Kingston sing all of Justin Bieber’s songs while Fergie shot ping pong balls out of her asshole and pussy at the same time.

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She got fucked. She had it in her uterus for 9 months. It came out. It was a soundcloud. She was shocked. This was not a baby. It was beats. You can’t breastfeed a beat. What was she going to do with all that milk? It was a big case of the mondays. Your brother is a beat. It goes to family reunions. It’s so fucking loud. You hate Christmas now. The beat made it to college and you didn’t. You are jealous. Jealous of a soundcloud. Your life sucks. Listen to soundclouds. AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Hey fucks! What is going on? Are you enjoying your days? Do you guys all work? Can you go on blogs at McDonalds? We are surprised if you can. Where is this McDonalds? It must be the best McDonalds in the world. All they do is play soundclouds with their fucking Big Macs and instead of ketchup they serve dubstep with the fries. Moombahton happy meals. McBassalds. That’s a restaurant we can all get behind we will eat there all the time. Get fat. Have to go to the gym. Become anorexic. It will be a fucking life. Anyway, let’s look at the menu AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Ah, Paris in the springtime. When soundclouds fuck and have babies. This picture depicts what happens to Paris when soundclouds fuck and doves cry. The Eiffel Tower falls down and then no one can go up it and they just have to use it as a bridge to cross the fucking river. If you are gonna cross that long twisted bridge then you will need some music and you can listen to some soundclouds. Super fucking soundcoulds. On Wednesday. Let them molest your ears with their sound AFTER THAT JUMP YOU CUNTEATERS!

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