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We’re fucking stupid. We don’t fucking know anything. All we do is sit at home looking at the internets trying to understand how regular people live their lives. One thing we know for sure is that women only listen to music with their eyes closed. It’s a fact of life. It seems like they find soundclouds arousing:

This soundcloud is my boyfriend/lesbian girlfriend/both

I am on a date with this soundcloud. I think it’s going well.

The souncloud found my g-spot. I am changed.


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Hey there cunt mouths! How are you today? Who is that in the picture? Why it’s the Schlachthofbronxes. What are they doing? Murdering Toronto. We saw those fuckers last weekend and got to chat with them for some time and they were classy dudes. If you have a chance to meet them or to rock out with your cock out to their music then you are advised to do so. Good to the Plugged Not Thuggeds for having them come. What else can we talk about today? Your mom? The soundclouds? How about both AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!…

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Motherfucker shit! I’m Samuel fucking L Jackson. I’m gonna fucking fuck shit up and shoot you in the fucking face if you don’t listen to these god damn fucking songs bitch! I fucking listen to this fucking shit all the fucking time. Don’t fuck with me with your shit. I fucking don’t fucking want have to fucking tell you again bitch. Let me fucking describe them to you AFTER THE FUCKING GOD DAMN JUMP…

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Come up with us to the the land of the clouds where your mom floats around with the angels and has sex on sale for only $9.99. At prices that low she’s practically giving it away. But that’s not all. If you click after the jump, you can go on a journey of wonderment and delight…

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The Dirty Frenchman – The Invisible Hand

The Dirty Frenchman was raised in an Algerian bunker by lepers. He learned to dj using twine and old bottle caps. This is a hard hitting mix that is at times bewildering and operatic. He touches on many genres and no genres. Electro, house,  global ghettotech, uk funky, b-more, kuduro and dancehall collide and become not just a collection of songs, but a story. Not just a story, but a narrative. Not just a narrative, but a dj mix.

Murder Mike, Mike-Mike, Young H.I.D. – Cherry Hill And Down Ya Block

Doorly ft. Lady Chann – The One

Hypercrush – Ayo

Drop The Lime – Doomsday Device

Mustard Pimp – Kiwi (Gigi Barocco Remix)

Douster ft. Spoek Mathambo – Punani

Sidney Samson – Panorama

Drop The Lime – Sex Sax (Zombies For Money Remix)

So Shifty Ft. Busy Signal – Lift Up Dat

Dj Khaled, T-Pain, Ludacris & Rick Ross – All I Do is Win (Cuz Cole Remix)

Steve Starks – Git Em (Munchi Remix)

? – No Beef (RadioKillaz Remix)

Perfect Loosers Ft. Karo MC – Bandits (Sabbo Remix)

Ghostdad – Vuvuzela Beat

Schlachthofbronx – Sai Safarda

Schlachthofbronx – We Run This

Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja (Douster Remix)

Rusko – Dial My Number

Cham – Take It Outside

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Sidney Samson – Panorama (zshare)

After your village, town or city got hit by a nuclear warhead, this is the song that played. Maybe it was Sidney Samson who dropped that damn warhead on your town. Is he an asshole? Well it all depends on what you did to him. Did you September 11 his ass? That’s not cool. But you got what you deserved. He dropped an electro house banger on you. You got served. Step Up 3D.

Piranha 3D.

Piranhas are gonna be in your life now.

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Afrojack & Sidney Samson – Quacky (zshare)

If this is what your life looks like then you are so fucked. Everyday is a bad day. In other news, this song is madness. Afrojack has done it again. Sidney Samson has done it again. This is like a dutch house inferno. And what other song can you name that says “donald duck” just before the drop and then becomes insane. Is this song supposed to be about Donald Duck? Are they saying that Donald Duck is crazy? Anyway, if we could just talk to the kids right now. We want to just tell you kids that if you are going to make music, this is what you need to make or whatever is the 2025 version of this. Don’t make deep house. Also, here is a video of the song Riverside. The uk funky version of this song is better:

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