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Hello. I am named Paul Blart Zoo Cop and I am making the Germany free of the wall that was making divided that place. It’s a fucking life to make the mall be a zoo but when it the times that are good, there are laughs and the good memories made. It’s to be seen with the eyes. The music is the fucking thing that makes me live to the happy style. In the Germany, the Soviet Union was making not allowed to play songs of fucking music. It reason I go. I break the wall for Berlin with my fat. Every one says I do hero. It’s a fucking life. I now have best mall and best zoo. German people buy the food a lot for me. They want use the fat of me to break other walls. No walls left in Germany. My fat break all walls. No roof on building. Soundclouds rain inside house. MAKE THE CLICK FOR THE FUCKING MUSIC TO HEAR:

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South Rakkas Crew Ft Serocee – Rise (zshare)

Red Rat – Spooky (zshare)

We all know about The Dirty Frenchman and that he’s just a modern day Roman Polanski. Plan B is the biggest jew you’ve ever met, in every sense. But what about Sto? “What is his deal?” you may ask. Well he is one of the greatest generals in the Walmer Army, an army made up of only generals because it is an army of three people. And he likes music. Sometimes dancehall music. If you listen to the first song you will understand what makes him happy and if you listen to the second song you will discover what makes him spit on a grave. The worst thing really is that this the second post featuring Red Rat and only the first featuring South Rakkas Crew. What kind of a blog is this? Look at that picture of Red Rat? He just looks like the worst! He is like the Carrot Top of dancehall. Look at this:

and this:

He looks like he went to Creepy Clown Child Rape University.

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