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Have you ever wondered what a future ruled by Terminators would sound like? We all know what it would look like:

With skin on, I look like Arnold Schwarzenegger

But what the fuck would it sound like? It would sound like Over Tones by Elonious. This is the filthiest fucking moombahcore you have ever heard. Shit is like taking a bath in a fucking swamp. Playing this music is like when you fix a part of your car and you get that grimey fucking machine grease on your hands and it talkes like two days for that shit to come off. This is that in music. He also puts in some light more melodic stuff but we will pretend he didn’t. So why are you sitting at your computer right now reading this? Get the fuck up outta your chair, go grab your fucking credit card. Get back in your chair, go to the Beatport link after the jump, and buy the fuck outta it. Also grab the free track by Elonious called Move Your Soul while you’re at it. GO NOW! GRAB THAT SHIT AFTER THE JUMP FUCKTARDS!

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I am Snoop fucking Dogg. I am so fucking old. I just discovered about moombahtons yesterday. My son told me about the moombahtons music. He’s 30 years old. That’s how fucking old I am. I smoke old people formula weed with viagra supplemented. I fuck these bitches and then I still got a hard on for 3 hours more. Sometimes I just get a bitch to sit on my dick for the rest of the time I have a hard on like that’s her fucking chair. That’s what I call Dogging it. Snoop Dogging it. But enough about me, what about the moombahtons. I only really like them to be honest because it make me feel relevant and like I’m still into shit that young people like. I also like the jukes music for that reason. I have to turn up the music really loud because my hearing is bad. I’m old. LET’S LISTEN TO A BUNCH OF MOOMBAHTON AND DOWNLOAD IT AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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