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What is certain in the world? Death? Taxes? Not certain enough. Warlords in Burkina Faso don’t pay fucking taxes. Jesus doesn’t die. So what in the end is the most certain thing? We know the answer. The only thing that you can know for sure is that Crossfaded Bacon’s Emynd is gonna fucking murder whatever the fuck he does. This guy will fuck with any genre, any day, any time and you know he’s gonna be droppin’ gold nuggets like chickens are droppin’ eggs out their ass (That’s how it works right? Eggs are the shit of a chicken?). Recently he just upped the ante when he and Eastside Stevie of Realniggatumblr got together and took classic verses from your favourite hip hop songs of yesteryear and grinded them into the beats of today. Take that shit, crush it, make some rails, sniff. Listen to it AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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The coke was cut, sold and now ya’ll askin for a mothafuckin re up. Who you gonna call? Fuckin Plan B of course. Plan B brings part two of his 86 part series on the life and times of French Montana. If you missed part one then click the fuck here. If you’re lookin for part 86 then come back in 2037 or build yourself a mothafuckin time machine and spark one up with Marty McFly. Either way, Plan B brings it again with this shit, dropping tracks like you’ll be hearing this shit in 3D  and he keeps his mouth shut and let’s French do all the talking. Make sure your fuckin nostrils are clear cuz you about to do some MORE COKE!


01. Max B ft. French Montana – The Remix
02. French Montana – Trya Breathe (Close my Mind)
03. French Montana – Is U Kiddin Me?
04. French Montana ft. Corte Ellis – Whatcha Know About It
05. French Montana ft. Mike Shorey – Lay Down
06. French Montana ft. Chinx Drugz – Deuces Remix
07. Max B ft. French Montana – Dirty South
08. French Montana ft. YG Hootie and Waka Flocka Flame – Take it Off
09. French Montana ft. Gucci Mane and Akon – Top Chef
10. French Montana ft. Wiz Khalifa – Not Ready
11. French Montana – You Belong to Me
12. French Montana – Life be a Movie
13. French Montana – Gettin High
14. French Montana – Ready To Go
15. Max B ft. French Montana & Maino – 1st Round Draft Pick
16. French Montana ft. Akon –  Overtime
17. French Montana ft. Masspike Miles – Get it All
18. French Montana ft. Sam Hook, Chinx Drugs – How It Feel
19. Max B ft. French Montana – We Wavy
20. French Montana ft. Chix Drugz, Flip and Charlie YG – Middle Fingers Up


First of all shout to Marino Gang, Antman, Domo, Max, and Nick for showing us nothing but pure hospitality in the City that Never Sleeps. Second of all, shout out to the crew, la familia, Walmer Conveneince for holdin’ it down back home same night…two cities, same night….damn, we killin em. Shout to the Chug for everything, navigation, turkey sammiches and Kinko’s, wouldn’t a happened the same without em. Shout out to the whole Memes posse for hosting the event, Stella what’s good, Killface what’s good, Green Crack WHAT’S GOOD…Shout to NaNa Castro for taking care of everyone’s needs, ol’ girl had her work cut out for her and was keepin everyone saucy as fuck!! Big shout to Eastside Stevie aka good shit bruh, let’s get it. Good looks to the CasalocoNY crew reppin showin mad love, and of course to J. Scott and the crew in full force, dudes post the hoodest funniest shit on the net, if you’re not checkin then u mad… To everyone I forgot my bad, leave me a comment and I gotchu. All in all night was a raging success, booze was flowin, nillas rollin up constantly and of course MARINO TEES FLYING THE FUCK OFF THE RACK!!!

Till the next one, thanks to everyone for showing Plan B and the Chug OD love…WALMER X NEW YORK CITY…JUST THE FUCKIN BEGINNING

And to everyone was asking about Max B tape, couldn’t get any burned so here’s the download link to it…


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