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El Cuco is like your best friend, you know that they are just gonna deliver solidly day in and day out. Name a bad release from them. You fucking can’t. This new shit called Bullfighter by Beauty Brain & Poisound keeps the fucking winning streak alive. Shit is like moombahton with the structure of grunge and spanish flair. You like hard sounds mixed with soft? This has it!. You want fucking flamenco guitar on a motherfuckin track? Here we are. So go to motherfucking Beatport and grab that. LINK AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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BIG MOOMBAH MONDAY   Leave a comment

Look at that shit. That’s Mount fucking Everest. That’s the pile up of moombah that has been accumulating in our fucking inbox from not blogging tracks for a fucking week. People are fucking relentless. But that’s good. Motherfuckers makin’ content for us. If not then this shit would be like posting pictures of dogs eating sandwiches with George Lopez or something. Some kind of tumblr meme shit. But it’s not. There is lots of moombah to talk about. Let’s look at it like a family. Holding hands in a non gay way. Let’s go AFTER THE JUMP CUNT MASTERS!

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