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What is Peasunk you asked? It’s seapunk as done by these fucks. That fucker David Beltran (of Starfoxxx fame) rounded up a whole bunch of young upcoming assholes in the music scene and got them to contribute tracks to this. If you are a person who likes new stuff and is adventurous then take a #dive in this bitch. If you are scared of novelty then stay the fuck home or don’t click to download. This is an undersea adventure where you will need to bring special k and lots of pot. GO GRAB THAT SHIT AFTER THE JUMP!

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WEDNESDAY BONUS BASS!   Leave a comment

So it’s been a moombah (also known as moom moom)  fuckfest this week. Lots of new shit. But there is other great shit in other genres that we have had to ignore. So this is the time we are posting that shit. A person cannot live off moombahton alone. You would be going to slow. You would be late all the time. But you would still not be relaxed because you would still be going faster than rap or other bass musics. So let’s grab thos fucking tunes and pretend we have a wide spectrum of tastes beyond moombah based musics AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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