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Hey fuckers! I’m Li-fuck! I mean I’m Bow Wow, just Bow Wow. What’s happening? Do you ever wish that you could be Like Mike? So do I! And this one time I got these magic shoes that made me play like him at the basketball. True story! There was this other movie where I was listening to music and then there were soundclouds and I thought it was called Soundcloudy With A Chance of Meatballs but then I realized it was just my life and the reason why I got confused is that I had no childhood and had to act hood even when I was wearing Pokemon™ underwears. You like music too? Why don’t we listen to some fucking soundclouds together, like a family. I miss mine. LET’S GO AFTER THE JUMP!…

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Drumstep was invented in China in the year 1246 by Tzu Yi. Its a fuckin music that has half drum and bass, half dubstep and all your mom’s pussy. It came to Europe in 1452 when Marco Polo tweeted the music out of his asshole. That’s the true story. Make it into a Hollywood movie starring John C Reilly. Make money from it. Take the money to Blow Depot and buy 3 kilos. Repeat. Tunage AFTER THAT FUCKING JUMP…

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Hey you! Stop lookin’ at those statue titties! What you gonna do? Jerk off later to some rocks? That ain’t right. That rock can’t love you back. Always fucking remember, you can’t fuck no fucking stones. Relax. Music:

Playboy Tre ft Lil Jon – Ready Go (Emynd Bass Remix)

Crazy Funky Style – The Partysquad (Moombahtron edit)

Jahdan Blakkamoore “Quick Money” (FREE DOWNLOAD)


Munchi – Luz (Concept)

That last one is Munchi stirring up some controversy. He’s not allowed to make certain shit apparently.




Hey look assholes! You remember those dutch fuckers the Partysquad? They just put up all their shit on soundcloud. A lot of it is available for free download! GET IT NOW YOU PUSSIES!

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Bassjackers & The Partysquad – Showrocker (zshare)

This song is pretty great. It’s like a one two punch of dutch house flavour. You got your Partysquad on one side and then you got your fucking Bassjackers on the other and together they form a type of Voltron for fucking your face.

“I’m going to fuck your face.”

Voltron 1983

This shit is gonna light you on fire:



Fist of Fury: The 69th Chamber (save as)

Finally, the powers of Walmer are united to form the Fist of Fury! This mix delivers a punch in the face to other djs on the scene making suckas reconsider their life choices. Time to take up knitting! Sleeping on this dubstep, b-more, electro madness is like sleeping on a bed of nails!


Plan B:

Masters At Work – Work 2009 (DJ Marsi & Bart Remix)
Busy Signal – Pum Pum Pum (Remix)
Ludacris – How Low (Cobra Don Bmore Remix)
Kazey & Bulldog – For Da Real G’s (French Fries Remix)

The Dirty Frenchman:

Sissy Nobby – Lay Me Down (DJ Sega Remix)
The Partysquad – Crazyfunkystyle
N*E*R*D – Enveryone Nose (Douster Remix)

Plan B:

A1 Bassline – 8Oh8
Gooffee – The Siren Song
French Fries – Senta

The Dirty Frenchman:

Soda ‘n’ Suds – Fuck House (DJ Manaia Mashed Up Style Remix)
Lady Chann – Sticky Situation (Toddla T Remix)
Busy Signal – Just Wanna Fuck
Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)

Plan B:

Debonair Samir – Freaky Girl
A1 Bassline – We Love Pussy
Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden – Bonkers (Doorly Remix)
Kid Sister – Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
R Kelly – Number One (Jimmy2Times Club Rmx)

The Dirty Frenchman:

Schlachthofbronx/Sgwejegweje – Mujava Remix


Afrojack & The Partysquad – Check Die Beat (zshare)

What is this song? Is it b-more? No. But it isn’t your boring ass house music that you listen to in your style code lounge surrounded by assless white chicks. Definitely not that. This is just party music from a Partysquad and Afrojack. This guy knows what we’re talking about:

They just want to make asses move in the old style. This is the worst written post ever. Caca poopoo peepee. Oh yeah and Team Canada rocks you mom’s American ass all the way to the fucking gold medal bank!


The Partysquad – Crazyfunkystyle (zshare)

If that type of shit is taking place over your house then you’re definitely gonna have a case of the Mondays. Don’t hit the snooze on your alarm or you might be late for work. And life. But seriously, these Partysquad guys seem to know what the deal is as far as making music you can have a machete fight to before doing a line of blow off a breast. Suffice it to say that the guys from the Netherlands are on to some serious shit. You can hear this song at this thing:


What do we do for Fuckmas here at Walmer? We give you a crazy assortment of tunes to listen to! For example if you are in a class called Dancehall 101 at university you need this song:

Spragga Benx & Sugar Slick – Badman Anthem (zshare)

That song is a classic that makes this happen to you:


Hey why not have another dancehall classic. Your parents probably listened to this one:

Bounty Killer – Warlords World (zshare)

This is what Bounty Killer does now:

But what about other musics? What about dancehall and breakdance music?

RDX – Ben Ova Wibble Wobble Dj Nezz Remix Exclusive (zshare)

Wow and when you practice dancing to it, don’t let this happen:

And what about the b-more music? Well these guys are called the Partysquad (yeah, that’s their name) and they do mothafuckin sick shit and this is a sick remix of the Bloody Beetroots:

The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1.9 (Partysquad edit) (zshare)

And what about the ladies? What do they get? This song is for ladies and bound to activate pum-pums. Ladies know how to work a pum-pum especially their own. It’s science. Plus it has Lumidee in it. What has she been up to the last 7 years? We guess this:

Enur ft Lumidee – Enur’s Bonfire (zshare)

Just for education, Enur are the assholes responsible for this:

Did you know the chick is dead? Yeah. Christmas.

Oh and this will be out soon:

Well, that was a blowout post!!! But seriously, it wouldn’t be Fuckmas without some hip hop!!! It would be Fuckmakkah or Fuckmadan or something!!!

This year was a year of transition in hip hop. New MC’s discovered new ways of doing things and now hip hop just basically looks like a love-in. Electro is commonplace, there’s a new girl on the scene, and emo rap songs are dominating the airwaves.

This year’s golden girl is Nicki Minaj. Yeah she’s been around for a minute but she was involved in the Young/Ca$h Money acquisition fest this year and learned to rhyme like Wayne. Expect for Nicki to be a household name this year…and for those of you who’ve been on her shit at least you get to see that ass more often!! Peep the following Fuckmas special featuring Ursher Raymond called Little Freak, Nicki even rhymes off the reindeers…MERRY FUCKIN FUCKMAS!!!

Usher feat. Nicki Minaj – Little Freak (Zshare)

Here’s a vid of Nicki spittin and looking hot:

Far as new MC’s go, Wiz and Curren$y shut shit down this year. Wiz Khalifa’s debut album is out Called Deal or No Deal and the shit lives up to the hype. From a strictly Myspace entity not much more than a year ago to now being a bona fide label-locked spitter with presumably more debt than diamonds, Wiz had a perfectly executed plan. Let’s just see if he can make a sophomore junt that’s worth remembering his name…The following track put him on a lotta radars, and features Ya Boy From LA.

Wiz Khalifa – Boarding Pass Remix Feat. Ya Boy (Zshare)

Curren$y looks unbelievably high all the time. His album and a HUGE expanse of free mixtapes of his are available for rapage (and coppage if so inclined) from, a dope site that’s a perfect example of the changing face of modern music marketing and sale. Here’s a hot song to get high and whip around listening to. Curren$y is a particular favorite of Plan B’s, his main interests being Jets, Fast cars, Money, Girls and weed, perhaps Plan B senses a kindred spirit. He also fucks with one of Plan B’s favorite producers of the moment, Dame Grease…more on that later.

Curren$y feat Jean LaPhare & Dee Low – Blown Away (Zshare)

And you can’t really talk about hip hop in ’09 at all without talking about Gucci. Yeah, we been ridin’ for Gucci for a minute and still do. In our humble opinion, MC’s like Gucci are the essence, not that other bullshit. Dude has fun with it and always puts out bangers. He’s had an exceptional ear for beats and has played his cards well no matter what bullshit he’s been dealt. Supposedly (warning: internet rumor) him and Jeezy are back on track having squashed the beef between them that left one CTE affiliate dead and Gucci serving a year in jail. Well, regardless if it’s squashed, he’s back in the bing for Fuckmas and that sucks no matter how fuckin gangsta you are. FREE GUCI…and cop that State Vs. Radric Davis, shit is hot as fuck.

Gucci Mane feat Ursher Raymond – Spotlight (Zshare)

Gucci Out:

Spotlight Vid:

Anyway, that brings us to the tragic story of 2009. Depending on how you look at it. Max B was in a similar spot as Gucci a year ago. Albeit with bullshit drama between him and Jim Jones involving music ownership but he was poised for a takeover seldom seen in hip hop. One of the best lyricists to hit the scene in a  long time, Boss Don Biggavel had the Apple by the core especially when paired with French Montana and Dame Grease beats…till the bottom dropped out. Now he’s gone for as long as 30 years. And his Fuckmas will suck as much as Gucci’s but at least Max’ll have a better chance of a white Fuckmas being incarcerated in Jersey instead of ATL…Thank Father Fuckmas for those small miracles. You can also get Max B’s extensive catalog at


Max B – Dead Solver (Zshare)

Max during better days:


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