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DANCE THE DANCE OF LIFE   Leave a comment

Posted March 24, 2011 by walmerconvenience in Uncategorized

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Drumstep was invented in China in the year 1246 by Tzu Yi. Its a fuckin music that has half drum and bass, half dubstep and all your mom’s pussy. It came to Europe in 1452 when Marco Polo tweeted the music out of his asshole. That’s the true story. Make it into a Hollywood movie starring John C Reilly. Make money from it. Take the money to Blow Depot and buy 3 kilos. Repeat. Tunage AFTER THAT FUCKING JUMP…

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Hey there. It’s me again. John C fucking Reilly. How’s it hangin’? I’m cool. Well kinda. Not really at all. I just ate 4 grams of shrooms and I gotta make this speech to Harvard. I’m fucking shitting my pants right now. I’m fighting to keep the shit out of my pants like The Lord of the Rings was fighting to keep Mordor out of Fantasia or wherever that fuck they lived. What I mean is that there are fucking goblins in my ass. Wait. Yeah. Anyway, if you were to say, CLICK AFTER THE JUMP you would find out what kind of music plays in my head at these moments…

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IT’S TIME FOR MOOMBAHCORE!   Leave a comment

“Time is money and money is pussy and pussy doesn’t wait for anyone.”

-Albert Fucking Einstein

Hey, it’s Friday. Time to smoke three crack rock, drink two bottles of Alizé and have a fucking moombahcore house party pajama jam. Right Kid n’ Play?

“You fuckin know it Walmer. Also moombahcore is a mix of moombahton and dubstep.”

Lee Mortimer & Laidback Luke – Blau (Jimi Needles Moombahcore Blowup)

PANTEROS666 – KEGSTAND (Max le Daron Moombahcore/Cumbahcore Refix)

Eastern Jam – Chase and Status (Moombahtron moombahcore remix)

Raw Core (Jon’s Moombahcore Edit)

Pacheko – 930 (sonora moombahcore remix)

doctor p – big boss (cam jus moombahcore remix)

Lightning EyeZ – Hold it Against My Moombahbone feat. Britney Spears & Milkman

Miami Vice (Moombahton Original)

Guapo Feo – Faters

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