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As is not the tradition on Mondays, we are gonna do an all non-moombahton post because we don’t want fuckers to think we’re some kind of all moombahton blog and just send us moombahton and nothing else because that would be sad and then we would only have that in our lives and die probably from fucking moombah overdose. IT WOULD ALL BE YOUR FAULT! You would probably go to jail and become someone’s bitch and have penis in your mouth all day long. IS THAT THE FUTURE YOU WANT? Let’s go and listen to non-moombaton AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP FUCKERS!

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We’ve talked about it before. There is a new music on the scene. It’s boombahchero. It sounds like music made for donkeys. Seriously. How is someone supposed to dance to it? It’s like comedy music. If someone tried to dance to it they would fall over. It makes no sense. It’s like you were transported to the cartoon world of Roger Rabbit. Click after the jump. ENTER THAT FUCKING WORLD FUCKERS!

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Lol, sum Douster, Robyn and Savage Skulls ish for ya:

Look out. You gon get in sum baile funk too

Sum soca so u gon get crazy wit it. JKS lol

Gotta give it up to thos French Fries niggas tho

But 4 real one second, whos gun take on Mumdance an Drums of Death?

Oliver Twizt n Maluca but u prolly still get it twisted

U be actin like u don no this 1 but u like it

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