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Look at that shit. That’s Mount fucking Everest. That’s the pile up of moombah that has been accumulating in our fucking inbox from not blogging tracks for a fucking week. People are fucking relentless. But that’s good. Motherfuckers makin’ content for us. If not then this shit would be like posting pictures of dogs eating sandwiches with George Lopez or something. Some kind of tumblr meme shit. But it’s not. There is lots of moombah to talk about. Let’s look at it like a family. Holding hands in a non gay way. Let’s go AFTER THE JUMP CUNT MASTERS!

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Who the fuck are the Killabits? They’re fucking bass dudes from Toronto. We’ve probably seen these fuckers around places. Never met the dudes. They’ve been a big part of the Bassmentality jams (legendary jams that we never go to because we gotta work like a bunch of fucking losers, shit is every Wednesday). Definitely keep an eye out for these fucks. Shit is up and coming. Fuckers toured with Figure. As part of some Jewish Christmas thing they’re dropping jams every fucking day more than your mom drops her pants. CHECK THAT SHIT. Right now we got a fucking moombahcore remix of Noisa. GO GRAB IT AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Don’t know what to fucking say about this picture. Shit just looks fucked up. Was looking up fucking pictures of cats and guns and this is one of the things that came up. What the fuck is that? We just wanted to have an innocent picture, that was it. Just a cat and a gun. What about all the children who just want cat and gun fucking pictures for their school project? Are they going to be exposed to this fucking disgusting shit? Why is the internet such a stinking vagina stuffed with garbage? We need to clean shit up! But while we do that why don’t we just listen to a whole post of moombahton? GO GRAB THAT SHIT AND LISTEN AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP YOU CUNT HERDERS!

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Hey. How the fuck are all of you? That picture up there is of The Uproot Andy from the SLOWED party in Toronto last Saturday. Starting tomorrow we will be djing 3 nights in a fucking row. We’re gonna spin way better than that guy and by that we mean 50% as good because he murdered it. He’s really fucking good. Kudos again to The Torro Torros and Le Dew Its for promising him a happy ending massage to get him to play in this town. If you want succeed in fucking show business YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT YOUR ALL! But rub and tugs aside, what with the whole UK moombahton spectacular and all that we’ve passed over a lot of good ass music that maybe you will like or maybe hate but whatever if you’re here you might as well listen because you’re a guest and it would be impolite so go listen to that shit AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Hey kids. Wassup? Phillip Seymour Hoffman here. Relax ladies, I’m taken. I wanna take a moment to talk to you about respect. That’s right. I understand it’s tough to be a teen nowadays. Hell, I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and I’ve seen and, yes, done a lot of shit in my day. Just like you I’ve had to mix paint chips with chocolate milk to make mouth wash. Just like you I had to sell my sister for toilet paper again and again. No one gave me any breaks. We never had chocolate eggs during Easter. No, we had to eat real eggs. And not in the way you think. When the Easter bunny would bring us eggs it would be our parents taking the eggs out of the ovaries of an actual bunny. I know the same thing happens to you kids all the time. Life is hard. Here’s some cool tunes for you guys to listen to. To help you forget the hardship. AFTER THE JUMP!

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